WTF... this surely does not pass the smell test...?

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Default WTF... this surely does not pass the smell test...?

"31 2 1 dimond light wait pistons. has 327 lightend crank shaft "?

$3900 complete turnkey with trailer?

"but do to the 9 heart atacks and 8 heart serdgery's has a new lightend saginaw 3 speed in it" ... WHAT...? :shock:

"I got to get my doughter her first car"?

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Jeesh!
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omg.....i really think i dropped a few iq points just trying to read that post..... wtf :?

stay clear would be my first thought.... my second would be to find out if he is friggin retarded or
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You got that right vega, it actually got worse, as you went along. :shock:
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Is he selling to get a new house or to get his daughter her first car? That is some of the funniest stuff I have read in forever. It says to call and ask for Bobby, do you think it is Ricky Bobby?

"have 19 grand in this car in cash and trade, but do to the 9 heart atacks and 8 heart serdgery's has a new lightend saginaw 3 speed in it" .

:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
Did they install the lightend saginaw during one of the 8 serdgery's???

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If you do some nigoshiating I bet you could get it all for $3,500.
That's not bad wit a ffull tank of methinal!
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Originally Posted by TheRabbit
If you do some nigoshiating I bet you could get it all for $3,500.
That's not bad wit a ffull tank of methinal!
heck he might throw in the doughter for $4,000 :!: :lol:

As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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He says to "call me and ask for Bobby". So if we call him and don't ask for Bobby, do you think it would confuse him? :? :? :? Just wondering!
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31 to 1 compression... wow. I would want a lightened saginaw 3-speed behind that motor!! I wonder what kind of fuel he is using... I bet he steps up big at the pump & spends the extra for the 93 octane. 9 Heart attacks is probably about right with that combination.
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i know its probably just a bs add but heres a short story i want to tell yall. when i was about 18 there was a guy who used to come into this old parts store i worked at.he would come and get a bottle of coke out of our machine and sit in the chair at our desk.hed listen to all the customers talk and just sit there a listen hardly ever talkin to first i didnt pay him no mind as he had been doing this for yrs. way before i ever got there. we started talkin over time and i found out this guy had built some of the fastest cars in west tn. in the 50s and early 60s.track or street this was the guy to go to.i went to his old house and very small garage to see what he had been doing all these this guy had machines and tools that were as old as old henry himself. a dirt floor 3 lite bulbs hanging down the center of the garage.not a book in manuals nothing. did see a 49 ford sittin under a tarp that looked like it hadnt seen lite in yrs. it really hadnt,i found out had a 409 chevy with a home made tunnelram and the ugliest headers and carbs id ever seen.went back to the store the next day to work and i was tellin the boss all about my find! he told me that car had never been beat.on the street or the track. i dont remeber the name of the track he last raced at but lakeland in memphis seems to ring a bell.he couldnt afford to take his car that far so he just run her on the street. said he made a small fortunedoing in on the street.i was told i was the only person whos ever been to his house in the last 15yrs.i sure was proud that the local legend took a likin to me.after about a yr of being his only friend he told me when he died he was going to leave the car to me. god i was so proud.this guy was in his late 60s and i was 18.oh the dreams i had of owning that car. he had no wife or kids,just brothers and sisters and their kids.when the day came that he died he was 69 yrs old.they found him by his 49. he had been trying to clean it up and his old overworked heart just quit.i never tried to claim that carhe had a young nephew who was just like him who wanted it,so thats the way i wanted it.just like him they said. they were right. he was small, wore overalls all the time a dirty baseball cap. and walked with a bad limp. couldnt read or right letalone spell his words all screwed up when he talked.seems he was retarted and born a cripple.but they always smiled and NEVER had a bad word for anyone. never! he had left word with his family that he wanted his longhaired freind to have his stuff.but when i went over there a few days after he died i saw his nephew sitting in the car and was crying. i asked him if he needed anything and all he said was he needed this car because it was his uncles and he loved his uncle. so i let it go. imwanted him to have that car even if he would only sit in it until it rusted away.his uncle never had a drivers license and everyone in the county knew it even the law which never botherd him about it. he also never had a wreck.not to bad for a retard.(not my choice of words.but what he was called by some, until he eat their butts with his 49.)to this day i miss that old retarded man. i still cry some when i think of him.he was magic with anything with a engine but could get lost going to the bathroom lol.i dont know why i wanted you all to hear this story but i quess it was all the fun made of a guy who cant spell.we dont know why he cant. maybe hes just bsing us,i dont know. but it did make me think of my old freind.
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price now 7k lol
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