The Communist United Nations!!!

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Default The Communist United Nations!!!

I've been following this for a while now. This is just another George Soros "bought and paid for" scheme to try to stip everyone except his body guards of the God given right of self defense! These bastages must be stopped or else you're going to have "UN Blue Hats" arriving at your door to confiscate any firearms you may happen to have registered to you! These are perilous times people! We MUST be vigilent!

The following message came from a pro gun lobby I belong to here in Virginia. Find the one in YOUR state and get involved before it's too late!

Dear Virginia Patriot,

I need your immediate action and some of your money to stop a serious threat to our gun rights.


The world's dictators are meeting in New York City to finalize an agreement on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

Here's what the U.N.'s website has to say about the conference:

"From 2-27 July, all countries of the world will come together in New York to negotiate what is seen as the most important initiative ever regarding conventional arms regulation within the United Nations. A robust arms trade treaty can make a difference for millions of people confronted with insecurity, deprivation and fear."

You may be thinking -- this isn't going to affect me, a law-abiding gun owner who safely uses my guns for sport and self-defense.

After all, we're not giving guns to organized crime rings like Attorney General Eric Holder.

They're talking about you and your gun rights.

After first saying that the treaty wouldn't affect lawful gun owners, they have now predictably changed their tune.

In a paper released by U.N. pencil-pushers, they threaten:

"United Nations agencies have come across many situations in which various types of conventional weapons have been . . . misused by lawful owners . . . arms trade must therefore be regulated in ways that would . . . minimize the risk of misuse of legally owned weapons."

Take one guess on how they intend to
regulate" and "minimize the risk" of "misuse" by law-abiding gun-owning American citizens like you.

They intend to take them away or make guns so expensive to own that the law-abiding are forced to disarm while the criminals run rampant in our streets victimizing our families and communities.

And it's not just the actual guns they're after.

They're targeting our "community attitudes" that "contribute to the powerful cultural conditioning that equates masculinity with owning and using a gun . . ."

What they're really saying is, they want to foist anti-Second Amendment indoctrination on your children's school.

They're saying the castration of great groups like the Boy Scouts who have firearms training as a part of their youth programs.

Simply put, the U.N. wants to destroy our American heritage and traditions.

That's not a threat -- it's their stated purpose, and people in our government want to help make it a reality.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has even stated:

"The United States is committed to actively pursuing a strong and robust treaty that contains the highest possible, legally binding standards . . ."

Just like our forefathers, we must stand for freedom and our independence.

They fought a tyrant king . . . and now we fight an international anti-gun bureaucracy committee of tyrants hell-bent on destroying our sovereignty and traditional way of life.

The choice for gun rights activists like you and me is clear . . .

Do nothing and become the servile slaves of first-world do-gooders and third-world dictators, or rally around our Second Amendment rights and break their line of oppression.

I know what side I'm standing with.

Join me in fighting the U.N. and protecting our Second Amendment, our inherent right to self-defense and our American way of life depend on it.

I'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on new developments throughout the month of July.

The fight could not be more important!

For Liberty,

Mike McHugh

President, VGOC
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This thing started out as a way to 'control' gun running to 3rd world countries.(yeah, riiiiiight) And has evolved into a total destruction of our American sovereign right to own and use firearms to hunt, play, defend.
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WELL then you can read about me in the papers because i aint givin up anything.!!!!!
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