Know what Hoplophobia is ?....

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Default Know what Hoplophobia is ?....

...THIS is the result of it.......
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i remember back in the day, well mid to late 70s i carried a pistol on me when i lived in tn.i rode with a mc club for awile there and felt uncomfortable not having it on me. anyway i didnt have a permit. didnt care about no permit. felt like this is america and if i can buy it over the counter then it was mine to do with what i wanted and what i wanted was to carry it . well the law stopped me many times and searched me all of those times. when they found the gun, which i had already informed them that i had they were cvool. they just put it aside with all the other crap i had on me. and when they didnt find any dope they always gave me back my gun and told me dont do anything stupid with this gun.boy them days are long gone lolbut its a change in society that has the law spooked.more nuts and crazy people who just dont care.but i dont trust ANY lawman around me with a loaded gun.when they knock on my door they will not enter with it on their side unless they have a warrant. then there may still be trouble.besides i dont do anything wrong anyway, except carry a firearm.
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