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Default California?

I say screw all the Progressive Democrat idiots that live and vote there!!

Check this one out!

So what this means is that PETA and the Humane Society of Calif want to make nation wide regulations on laying hens like theirs so that they won't run out of eggs?? I say screw'em, let them eat cake if they can find an egg to make it with!!

The dumbasses have regulated so much industry OUT of the state that they're bankrupt and now they want ME to pay more for eggs that I eat courtesy of their bulls**t wacko regulations? No thanks! Many of the problems we have here in this country now have origins traceable back to Mexafornia with it's Progressive disease!

Make sure you call your Senator and tell them to vote NO on S 3239!!!

FYI, Do you realize that California was PURCHASED from Mexico for 18 Million Dollars in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo at the end of the Mexican–American War.

So do you think we could sell it back to them now? With the State near bankruptcy I doubt the Mexicans want it back! Hell, I've got a "C" note to donate to them if they'll take it back and I'm sure there's thousands of others that would do the same! We just have to make sure that all those DemocRATS STAY THERE AND DO NOT IMMIGRATE TO NEARBY STATES!
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