edelbrock carb or holley carb

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Default edelbrock carb or holley carb

edelbrock or holley carb on a mild 350 looking for something easy to tune and still provided enough fuel at wot i keep have hesitation problems and a bunch of others with the holley
thanks logan
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What size is the Holley?
The hesitation issue can happen with either carb. What size accell pump is in the Holley ? Are you even getting a solid squirt when looking into the carb WITH THE ENGINE OFF !!! and working the throttle ? Could be needing a different profile pump cam. Could be timing.
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not sure on the pump size timing should be ok but haven't used a light yet it revs up fine at idle but once a load is put on it hesitates
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i never cared for edelbrock carbs..... never had any luck with them... but i got friends who swear by them. i'll take a good ole holley any day myself
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While a knowledgable person can make an Edelbrock work as good as a Holley, my impression has always been that it takes a smaller parts inventory to make a Holley work for competition . . Holley's are a little simpler in their operation, so for the "Physics Impaired" (myself included) they were my racing preference.

Currently we're using a SV-1 and it's almost "Magic"! Altitude doesn't seem to have much affect on it, at least we haven't noticed any changes in plug color and the A/F meter says everything's right on the nuts . .

On the other hand, on my Street Rod, I used an Edelbrock 650 on top of my 144S Blower/330 Vortec and it worked pretty darned good. We changed the high speed 4 steps leaner and it worked great . .

Currently I'm using a 2" throttle body on top of the blower and a '91 GMC HP chip and it does even better . . Smooth, dependable and gets decent mileage . . And still gets on the tire when you mash yer motor . .
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You might want to take a look at the new QUICK FUEL Slayer series carbs. A lot of good features and adjustability. And the price is right. PM me if you want to know more.
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Quickfuel all th way. They have all the Holley bugs worked out of the box, nicer finish and see thru float bowls.

HR-680 is what I would recommend if your in that 300+HP Range, otherwise the HR-580 would be nice.
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