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Default Brakes

Just purchased a 64 Chevelle with all new brake lines, wheel cyl, master cyl (single), and shoes. When I start driving the car the front wheels lock up TIGHT when appling the brakes for the first 20 to 30 yards then after that distance they work as intended. Checked all the springs and shoes, they are in the correct places, nothing binding. I'm at a loss on this one???
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alot of the older chevy trucks and car do that if they sit for a few days and its damp out. my suburban has been doing that for 5 years that i owned it... even after putting everything new on it for brakes. just gently put your foot on the brake pedal and give it some gas as you backing out the driveway... it will quit grabbing faster .... lol
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I had a 66 Nova, with drum front and 9" Ford rear drum brakes, it ran mid to low 10's also with a single master cylinder, it would lock up the front wheels in a heartbeat. In fact i got disqualified at a race when the throttle linkage stuck on the tunnelram manifold, and i stupidly hit the brakes too hard after the finish line blowing out the left front tire. I stayed on the track but the track operator still put me out even though it was after the qtr. mile. I ran the car for 5 yrs and never could get it to stop hitting the front brakes harder than the rear. Maybe changing out the masterclinder to a duel master cylinder might fix it but i never tryed it.

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Yup.Nature of the beast.My 66 Impala will do the same thing. Single pot M/C on that one,too.I just run my front brakes a tad out of adjustment and it seems to help dramatically. Whatever seems like the correct place for the adjuster to go,I just loosen it one full turn. You lose a touch of pedal firmness.Not much. But it cures the cold grabs
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A safer alternative;
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yeah DD. is right. i have a 67 impala that will throw you in a ditch if you hit it to hard.and ive been setting up drum brakes for 40 yrs.i backed out my wifes 67 monday and took it for its first ride after a complete restro and man i almost lost it.because it grabbed so bad. bought that thing home did my maqic and its still doing and it didnt do it before i tore it down.
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