Rod and piston weights

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Default Rod and piston weights

Does anyone have a list of weights for stock small block and big block rods and pistons. Specifically I have a '69 427/390. Cast 10.25 /1 pistons, 3/8 rod bolt rods. Had a bent rod. A buddy gave me a set of stock 454 rods to use. They appeared similar (3/8 bolts), but the 454 rods had a little more metal in the beam on the big end. Motor runs fine, but at high RPM is not as smooth as other stock BBC's I've had. I'm thinking a few grams on the rod is causing the higher vibration. Again, not bad, I'm just looking at the future as far as swapping parts generically if I can find weights. Like I have a '65 396 forged crank. Basically same crank as the 427, but a different balance because of the weight of the piston. I'm really just trying to stay out of the balance shop with some info if it's available.

Thanks, Dan
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