600 hp bbc

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Default 600 hp bbc

will an 8.5 inch 10 bolt with 4.88's hold up to a 600 hp bbc
what about a th 350
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Default ?

and Probably!!
G 8)
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I would recommend a 12 bolt or converting it to a 9 inch ford. As for the transmission turbo 400 or 2 speed power glide would be good choices.
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Default Re: 600 hp bbc

Originally Posted by mrbigtrucks
will an 8.5 inch 10 bolt with 4.88's hold up to a 600 hp bbc
what about a th 350
sure it will hold up... right up till u stomp on the gas pedal.....lol if i remember right...u just need to put a harden steel input shaft on that 350 tranny
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Bone stock with 100,000+ miles? Probably not. With nice axles, and good gears, and a rear end girdle, asbsolutely. Those are A LOT tougher than guys give em credit for.

A funny story. I had 2 buddies years ago, both with 8.5 inch 10 bolts, decent gears, stock axles, new bearings, etc, with 100's of passes on em each. Both cars ran mid to low 11's, with 406 sbc's. Both guys at the same time, built new 9 inch fords because they were worried the 10 bolts were on borrowed time. Same mods, gears, re-build, bearings, seals, etc. Both guys broke their new 9 inches on the same 1st weekend out, no kidding.

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A friend of mine had a 70 nova with a big 10 bolt, 393 small block and nos. Drove it on street some and 1/4 mile alot. Ran 10.50 for years. He sold the car to another friend of mine who put a 468 in it with nos. Ran 9.80 1 weekend and the rear end let go. Only had a stock cover but it pulled the bearing caps off. With up graded parts it should be ok................. for a while??
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