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Dear Tea Party Boise Members,

The new year has begun and we are now into what many of us believe will be one of the most important and critical times that we have faced in regards to the future of our great nation; the 2012 race for the White House. The decisions and choices that we as citizens of the United States make over the coming months will determine not only who sits in the Oval Office, but the political, moral and financial future of the nation we all love and the children who stand to inherit this nation.

During the last couple of months we (the board members) have seen a dramatic increase in the number of emails, letters and inquiries from both members and non-members with a common theme - “Which candidate is Tea Party Boise endorsing for the office of President of the United States?” So, as a board we have determined that we should make a statement to address this issue.

The choice is not an easy one and opinions on the subject are almost as numerous as the inquiries. Also, if you don’t mind my saying so, the choices are not ideal. But are they ever? I have now lived through 11 different Presidents and I cannot think of one that has been perfect. I cannot even think of one that I thought was going to be very good at this point in their campaigns. The good news is that there are at least a few that I think turned out to be way better than I expected and a couple that in my opinion turned out to be very good. At least one that, in my opinion, was great, but therein lies the problem: that’s my opinion. It may not be yours.

That brings us to the heart of the problem when it comes to naming THE candidate that Tea Party Boise will endorse. The choice of a Presidential candidate, like the choice of a religion, a spouse or the name of your dog is an intensely personal choice. One of the things that have made this country great is the right of every man and woman of voting age to make that choice as they see fit in the privacy of that little booth on Election Day.

Oh, we could poll the members and try to get a majority consensus. We could see what the other Tea Party groups across the nation are doing and jump on the Tea Party Bandwagon, or we as board members could just pick one and stamp the Tea Party Boise name on it. But in none of those scenarios would we be representing the opinions of all our members and this issue is just too important to play Tea Party Roulette with. The thing that makes Tea Party Boise what it is the same thing that made this country great - we are not a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian movement. We are made up of all of these and so our opinions are as diverse as our membership. While we are made up of like-minded people with a decided conservative tilt to our thinking, we pride ourselves in the fact that no party can lay claim to our loyalty and we are beholden to none.

So, let me answer the questions this way; I can tell you who we will not endorse and his initials are Barack Obama. If it is in anyway within our power (and it is) we will not live through another 4 years of what we have been through. I believe in hope and change more than ever. I hope that this election cycle brings great change. As to the selection or endorsement of the conservative candidate, I will leave that in your capable hands and trust that “We the People” will make the best choice we can from the resources we have to work with. The choice is yours and you must follow your heart.

The following are some thoughts I will leave you with - we must not let the opposition win in this game to divide our house. As a result, I will support the candidate that we are given rather than see the current President remain in office. Don’t kid yourself, if you choose not to vote because your candidate of choice is not on the ballot or choose to do the noble thing and write in your candidate to show the rest of the country that they did not know what they were doing, you might as well just get it over with and vote for Obama and that is exactly what they want. The truth is that in the last election we made great strides. We took back the House and gained over 700 Legislative seats across the country. We took back numerous gubernatorial seats in states that had been governed by liberals for years. We even gained several (though not enough) Senate seats. If we can continue that trend in this election and win back the Senate, we will gain the power to hold the feet of whoever wins the Presidency to the fire and make sure that they govern in a way that represents the interests of the people.

The day after the election, I cannot tell you that everything will be fixed. I cannot name the candidate that will do everything right. I do not think he or she exists. I can tell you that we are far from beaten. I can tell you that the people are on the move again for the first time in a long, long time and don’t you doubt that the other side is noticing and nervous. Who Tea Party Boise endorses is not important, remembering that this nation is built on the hard work, sweat and blood “of the people, by the people and for the people” is what is important. YOU are “the people”. WE are “the people”. Let’s get out there and take our country back.

The Board Members
Tea Party Boise
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Who the Republicans finally nominate for POTUS isn't (or shouldn't be) an issue with anyone who wants Obama gone. It would be total foolishness and stupidity to vote for any third party candidate because there's something about the final candidate wot pisses you off . . A cold tuna sandwich would be a better President than Obama.

That said, IF, you really want to change your government for the better, get rid of any Federal Legislator (Congressman or Senator) who has been there for more than two terms . . He's not interested in your problems, he's busy getting rich. He's part of the problem . .

The Federal Congress and Senate will not pass a Term limits law, so we must do it for them. If he's an incumbent, go to your Party's Caucuses and put new blood into the system. And then do it every term until they learn that representing you is a privilege, not a guarantee that they'll have a lifetime job and get rich!
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