Shriners car show in Greensboro

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Default Shriners car show in Greensboro

I have been driving a little more than 3 hours south to this car show and swap meet for 4 years now and have looked forward to them all,but was really dissappointed this year.The car count was almost half,the vendors were few and swap section was low.My question is,is the economy the reason or has the event priced people away?
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Up here in Idaho, our swap meets have suffered going on 4 years now. No one has any discretionary income and those that do are VERY focused on ONLY what they need to finish a project. The days of rat holing parts and cars for possible future builds is gone for now. We still have scazads of lookers(I'm one of 'em) but actual buyers are thin. Sellers are thinning as well as most don't have entry fee nor gas money to get to a swap meet only to not sell a single item. It's AGGRAVATING GANG !
My wife and I also do crafts and art, and the craft shows are INUNDATED with new crafters trying to add to their income. Problem is, the amount of monies available from buyers is waaaaay down from a few years ago. The market(product) way over shadows the demand(buyers).
Car shows are thin except for the 2 real big events in the Boise area. Not a lot of gearheads doing much long distance truckin' to out of town events. We see hardly any new cars each year like we used to. I loved Spring and early Summer shows cuz there'd be a BUNCH of that winter's crop out for the first or second time. now it's the same core bunch of cars each year. Sad deal.......
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The last few i have been to are way to expensive on the entry fees or one that has been around for over 25 years has decided to get snobby and hateful to most of the guys that are not local ops: :cry:


we have a local friday nite outings at the local SONICS and have cars from as far as 50 miles away sometimes[ we did not know them when they came but did by the time they left--we do not know a stranger i guess 8) 8)
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I like how you think lively.
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