It's a REAL WAR down there.....

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Default It's a REAL WAR down there.....

... and we oughta be treating it as such. Take the fight to the bad guys.

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i dont know why our damn government aint got a backbone. who are they afraid of. id put the army down there with orders to shoot to kill. kill them all and let god sort them out!!!..........back in russia:s hayday. they said they could take over america without firing a shot. now i can say they were right but it aint russia. its the damn rest of the world.
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You know, we gave away the Panama Canal, so I suggest we build a new one using the Rio Grand from the Gulf of Mexico to El Paso and then cut west to the Pacific.

300 yards wide / 75 feet deep / 12' chain link fence with concertina wire,
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