Buying a trailer out of state how do I get it home without t

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Default Buying a trailer out of state how do I get it home without t

I am looking to buy a trailer out of state from a private seller. Since it is a private seller and not a dealer how do I get a tag to get it home. I really do not want to pay for it untill I see it in person so I wont have a title untill I get there see it and pay for it. I have contacted my home state and here we can move a trailer for 24 hours after we purchace it to get it regestered but I dont know what to do about the 3 states I have to go through to get it home. We can get home in about 11 hours so here in our state its no problem there. Anybody got any ideas on how to do this? I know with the number of trailers for sale on here somebody has had to have been in this situation before.
Thanks for your help
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Default Buying

Make up a bill of sale form with buyer and seller contact info and trailer info on it and have seller agree to sign it if you buy. It does not need to have purchase price on it. Have them give you the title with their signature on it as seller. Also ask your insurance agent if you are covered on your purchase if it is attached to you vehicle.
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you gotta tags trailers too?man ive had a trailer for yrs and never bought the first tag for it.ive pulled that thing thru many statesand yet to be stopped for a it and hook it up and go. of coarse get a bill of sale and if you get stopped just tell the lawdogs that you just bought it where planning on makin improvements when you get it home then you where gonna tag it.oh yea might want to check how your insurance covers them also.
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Some states do titles and some just do certificates of origin for registering the trailers. Some states require no trailer plates or registration. Know what you are getting into. If you can get a title or certificate of origin to go with a bill of sale, you will have no problem going home. All states give you time to get the title/registration transferred over.
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Do the insurance thing!!

The trailer is going to be registered in his/her name until you get it changed at home anyway. Use the tag that is on it to get it home and mail it back to seller so he/she can turn it in or do what they need to with it.
If there is no tag on it, I would probably do outlaws suggestion and just go with it as long as it is insured. That's the main thing they they would be concerned about. ( insurance and bill of sale) 8)
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Most states give you 30 days after the purchase to get your tag.
SC does not require any trailer to have tags. GA even requires little red wagons to have tags! More $ for them. Greedy bast....
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