vwillys41 Buyer Beware does not tell the truth

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Default vwillys41 Buyer Beware does not tell the truth

Bought a 1955 Chevy Ad Number 2228789

The car based on the price was not expected to be perfect., I specifcally asked how the floor braces where which are a problem area on the 55 Chevys. He said the floor braces where all good. I bought the car based on his word and had it shipped to my House in Texas. After inspecting the floor braces there where rotted out and several where missing. I called Tony and he said at this point the braces where all good and not that bad. Just a plain Liar. It would be nice if you just asked a question and just got a straight answer. I would not buy anything from this man. I have bought several cars from folks in ILL and most have been exactly as described.

Thanks :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Buying anything "sight unseen" is really risky at best. Unfortunately, many people do lie, personal definitions differ etc.

I'm in N. Central, Oh, and what I notice, a 25 - 60 yr.old "solid" body, frame, floors, etc. from Texas (any nice dry place) look much different from what we have to settle for. Damn, you guys even have cool rust!

Hopefully, it was a misunderstanding and you can get it resolved.

Wonder if he made an HONOR payment(s). That would show some character.
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Send him the rotted out floor braces-

You chose not to inspect and now its your car- you took a man at his word, but really why should you expect him to stand behind it? Did you check is reputation? Do any online searches?

I just bought a car sight unseen after EXTENSIVE web research. I built a huge file on the seller, and made a deal that offered me full protection on receipt of the car- and guess what? It was exactly what he said it was. And if it hadnt have been I had everything I needed to go after him.

Its your car now, bond with it, enjoy it, fix whats wrong and don't let it trigger bad memories- and take those rotted floor braces out and ship them to him. After all they are good and he can resell to someone else right

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Default honesty really ?

Take my word for it LOL
You cannot take peoples word, You will get burned sometimes.
I am going thru a process now with a motor builder that flat out lied to me about what he did to my 496 BBC, both in hard parts and the anti freeze that he stated was in the motor. It is very sad we have come to this, but deciding what your next step is can be tough also. It is very good advise to be prepared, I am going to start legal procedings soon and looking forward to the battle. I know it may not turn out the right way but it needs to be done. Good Luck with your issue. I sorta like scorps idea, he is sorta slick
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Default vwillys41

Just a question on your motor and builder.

Did the engine really come from the builder with water/antifeeeze in it? Was this because he dynoed it and left coolant in it?

My practice is to leave the drain plugs out and give them to the customer seperately so there is no question of who is responsible.

If he dynoed it and had only water in the dyno circulating tank he should have pulled the drain plugs. I also think you should have pulled the plugs to protect yourself. Did you install this engine and then not start it or store it over the winter before installinng it?

Not trying to be picky, just might help someone else later.
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Default dyno question

The motor was chassis dynoed in the car, it was dynoed in a street car that goes to the track about 6/10 times a year. He has chassis dynoed that same car with (4) different motors over the last 8 plus years, a 383, 489,496 and another 496, the first three had coolant and I was told the fourth one also had coolant also. Please check out my thread in general discussion titled venting,it will help explain it. Also some hard parts that were suppose to be in the motor are not.
Thanks for the interest
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Default Re: dyno question

Originally Posted by bixblk
Also some hard parts that were suppose to be in the motor are not.
Thanks for the interest
I would have a BIG problem with this....court time!!
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Sorry to hear that. His ad makes reference to the floors & frame being in great shape too. Luckily, you should be in this car not too bad financially. It is a great foundation for a neat car... love the headers. 9K for decent interior, all there, complete running/driving. I hope this works out for you & you still come out ahead. Love the post models. Good luck.
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