opinions on my motor issue

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Default opinions on my motor issue

Need some advice, I started my brand new fresh 496 inch BBC to get it ready for the track. I checked the radiator , it had fluid, i checked the under the car to check for any leaks OK, could not check the oil level because the moroso pan still has the allen in it. fired it up oil pressure came up, let it idle in the garage about 3 minutes checking the oil and water gauges, started to get temp in the motor as per the gauge. drove it approx 2 miles very locally. never ran up the rpms and never saw any smoke till the end. I started to lose oil pressure so i shut the car on the street , it would not shut off because apparently it was very hot , I never saw the temp gauge over 200 (while running) and it would go down when i drove. i had shut off the fuel pump so the motor ended up shutting off maybe 25 secs after turning off the key. Got a couple of guys to help me push it into my drive way. under the motor in the street were 3 freeze plugs.Called the motor builder talk to him. I ran water thru the block just trying to cool it down and of course the water just came pouring out the missing freeze plug holes.2 hours later cool to the touch I started the engine it had oil pressure 60 lbs but I had spoke to the motor guy and he was going to check it out and see whats happening... anyway the motor must have got very hot because it pushed intake gaskets out ,oil around the valve cover bolts, oil smelled bad etc. My motor guy pulled the motor out because of the external evidence of heat... I think what may have happened is the car was in my unheated garage all winter, I was told it had coolant but maybe it just too cold and pushed the freeze plugs out or close to out or maybe got caught on the cross member, because they were not under the car when I started it. I am very pissed off but not sure how to handle this. I spoke to motor guy and I except honesty and fairness but I did nothing to this motor to have it over heat and feel zero responsibility for this . how do you feel . Let me know
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