weather stations for drag racers

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Default weather stations for drag racers

Any comments on hand held weather stations from any racers? Good?Bad?
I'm seriously concidering buying one to help with our jr. dragster program.

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Default Weather

I use a Perform Aire brand for bracket racing. It give you direct readout of Density Altitude and then predicts ET based on your previous input of runs.

If you put in only good runs, it will be consistant and help you dial up or down more accurately than you will without it. That may help win more rounds.

There are 3 models in perform Aire. I use the middle price one. I see some used ones on this site in varoius brands like TAG for $200 or less that might be good buys if you check out the seller and the condition and upgrades.

Don't get the old ones that you have to read 3 gages and then put in info on a calculator to get your prediction. I have a friend who has one like that and it is harder to use.
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I currently use a Race Air Pro and have used a Tag. The Race Air seems to be more accurate with prediction than the Tag but both work well. My boy Jr. raced for a several years and we tried using the weather station for the Jr. with limited success. The Race Air has a set up prompt for type of fuel so it would be better suited for a Jr. that's on alcohol. I personally don't think it helps much with a Jr. and that's not because of it's ability to predict performance affected by the weather. What I believe to be the problem with predicting how a Jr. will perform is due to the fact that you have a 1 cylinder, 1 barrel carb. and 1 spark plug so it will be affected more by something little than a multiple cylinder engine. I don't think changes in the weather is as much of a factor as a little belt slip or the clutch going to high gear because it spins the tires a little. I'm a Computech dealer and would be more than glad to sell you a weather station but personally I don't think one will help your Jr. program much.
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Thanks for the input. It really means a lot when you run on a shoe string budget. You really have to make wise decisions with your money!!!
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I just started using a raceair pro myself this year. I changed gears so I am just now getting data to enter for prediction. The most important thing to remember I believe is GIGO. You have to put good runs in to get good prediction. If you spin and add that run it will mess things up.

Need some runs with a larger change in DA. Last race it only went from 3643' to 3784' all day.

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