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Default eBay fees

Not that I'm condoning such action, but I am curious about eBay's final end fees. Have any of you guys sold an item on eBay? If so, what kind of fees did they charge you for your item? I'd like to know how much your item finally went for and what kind of fee you had to pay them. Our marketing team is looking to put some kind of price comparison on the site.

Any thoughts?

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I recently sold 2 Crower b/blk stacks injections, 1 was just a manifold and the other was ready to go. 1 went for $550.00, the other went for $850.00. i was blown away by ebay charges, it cost me 9%, about $100.00, then i lost another 3% with paypal deduction. Fortunately i had paid less for them and they were just taking up space and collecting dust.

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The fees, along with the removal of sellers leaving negative feedback is why I quit selling on there...
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I recently sold my 67 Firebird for $20K, cost me $125.00

Last 3 weeks I sold about $318.50 worth of Harley parts, couple different auctions. My total fees were $28.67 for all the auctions

I have been buying and selling on ebay for over 10 years. Yes there is fees but I have no complaints.
Here we go, automobiles, trucks, trailers, etc. First 4 listing you make in a 12 month period have $0 listing fees, $60 selling fee if sold for under $2000 and a $125 selling fee for selling for more than $2001
Your 5th vehicle and up in a 12 month period kind of gets all over the place so here is a link to the ebay help page

Parts get a little crazy based on starting price and selling price. anywhere from 9-12% of the selling price.

Then you can add Paypal's 3%. I think its a great secure way to buy stuff but with the ebay fees and their fees it can put a dent in your selling price.

Ebay also offers free "local" classified vehicle ads that advertise's within a 200 mile radius of your house.
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Default ebay fees

harbone is correct (x2)
I sold a coupe for around 10k and it cost 125.00 to sell but I did have an insertion fee of around 26.00. it got 6900 plus views and 80 people watching it. and the buyer used the buy it now.
I just had my 71 chevelle on ebay, (currently on racingjunk also) it closed today without making reserve, ebay offered me a free relisting ,(if it sells this time, no relisting fee). The listing fees or insertion fees were 27.00 ish.
Cars get alot of exposure on ebay, I have had better success selling cars on ebay vs. racingjunk. And the reverse is true about car parts, my car parts sell better on racingjunk vs ebay. As far as paypal, I will only use them for a deposit (up to $1000.00) on large ticket items, because it is so easy to use and people are famliar with it. I had a dispute with paypal reguarding a purchase and paypal did not help at all. Zero support. So I decided to deplete my paypal account. It had approximately 6900.00 in the account.When I requested to remove the money they told me I could only remove 500.00 a month at a time. also they charged me $ 1.50 to cut the check each and every month. That really pissed me off. I never set up any limit on removing money from that account. I believe they did it because I tried to get them to help with the purchase thru pay pal that had problems. When I told paypal that I was going to get legal help on the purchase and how they did not help, I got an email stating that I could only take out 500.00 per month, that was a cheap shot from them. I had takin' out more money before that in a month ?
I like both ebay and racingjunk and will continue to us both,
I think if people know the "rules" up front and they do change along the way, it works fine. Than you can price the items accordingly. I have bought and sold cars at the "big" auctions and last one was 6 % buyer and 6 % seller so they got 12 % total. Not sure if that is across the board, but that what the numbers were. I have heard that others may get different fees, again as long as you know up front, that the important part.
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I stopped selling on Ebay because of the fees getting to high. I only sold parts though not cars. I used to buy quite a bit of used stuff on there but the used market has really dried up and I have attributed it to the fees. The only thing I have gotten in the last year and a half from Ebay has been new stuff.

I do still buy and sell on Racingjunk though.

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I cut down on selling on E Bay because of the prices to sell an item. They still charge you if your item doesn't sell or if some jerk doesn't pay and you have to relist it. Which happens way to much.
I also heard that you will have to report your sales as income or at least that's what E Bay is trying to make happen.

Yeah between E Bay fee's, selling percent fee's, Pay Pal fee's and not sticking up for the sellers, Im pretty much done with them.

Oh by the way, I have NEVER sold anything on Racing junk and have listed several items. So hell, I'm not having to much luck selling stuff on the web sites. :lol:
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I must be lucky, me feedback on ebay is over 500, I have had a few non-paying bidders but if you report it, you do get a refund on the listing and selling fees.
I have had better luck selling cars and motorcycles on ebay
The car I just bought came from ebay, the auction ended without hitting his reserve so I called the guy and we came to an agreement after many hours on the phone and a ton of pictures sent to me.
I have traded at least 3 cars on RJ, with only one of them being a sour deal which was my very 1st trade ever so I learned some lessons on that one.
I list a lot of take-off Harley parts for my buddies, no market for that on RJ so ebay is the way to go.
I have bought some speed parts on RJ when I still had my drag car and it was flawless every time.
I have been a paying member on RJ for three years now, I have had people ask me why I pay? Well its a personal choice, this is a website that does not charge any fees to sell or buy so I figure my $59 a year goes to the cause. Even if I dont sell anything I will still pay my membership fees every year.

The best thing about RJ, the people I have met on this forum!!!


As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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I rarely sell on RJ anymore because of the fees. Since I sell new products I have to pay $55 per month even if I don't sell anything. The last month I sold on here (around Christmas) It cost $55 and I didn't sell a single item. It's hard to convince the wife to continue to post when it makes no income. I may post again closer to race season.
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I used to sell on ebay all the time and stopped about a year ago. I used it again a month ago on 2 items around $300 ea. My fee's with listings were $60.14, paypal fee cost me $22.00. So in total it was just about $80.00. I went through my records from years past. I sold the same exact items for almost the same price in 2004. It cost me a total of $33.00. I am done with ebay again.
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