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So I walk into Autozone looking for parts to rebuild a carb,The kid didnt have a clue as to what I needed.If you cant give him a P/N then your wasting time...He wasnt even born when cars were made with carbs...Now IM Feeling Old!!! LOL
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I know that feeling, I have been in the parts business almost 30 years and still hate going to an Autozone or Advanced for anything! Half the time I end up looking the part up for them!

As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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Hey you guy's think thats bad, We have a young tech that started about a year ago. Anyway the service writer gave him a 85 Dodge truck to tuneup and change oil in, He come's over to get me takes me over to the truck i am thinking he need's help he point's to the 2 bbl carter carb and say's what is that :!: :!:

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And i thougtt i was the only person that had this knock. went into az asked the counter kid for 3.5 power valve for holly carb, his reply was what year, and make of car. :lol:
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Yeppers, I remember the days, not so long ago, when ANY good parts guy/gal could tell you the exact part number you were looking for and knew exactly where it was on the shelf or if it was a special order part. Those days are gone forever, gang. Another piece of disappearing Americana.
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i like NAPA, but last time i went to buy a starter rebuild kit,
the guy said, "whats that" :wink:
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My mother-in-law had a 1973 VW Beetle that she bought brand new. It basically went around the block once a week because her husband always drove his car everywhere. A little over a year ago her regular mechanic retired and she took the bug to the VW Dealership for tuneup and oil change. The car had 29,000 original miles. After they tuned the car and rebuilt the carburetor it took almost an eighth mile to get up to 35 mph. She bought a new Toyota and gave me the bug. The carb was junk, the valves were adjusted too tight and the timing was waaaaay off. The points were too wide and looked like they were adjusted with a hammer. The car was older than any of their mechanics and some had never seen a carb or points. If it doesn't have a computer or diagnostic connection, they are lost. ops:
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i sold parts for 25yrs. and i was damn good.or so i was told lol.bring me a odd brg. or whatever, if it was still available i could find it.i quit the counter in 99. my friend has been doing it for 39 yrs.i tried to help him a few weeks ago , on the counter when he had to leave the store for a few hrs. man i couldnt be a counterman nowdays. they got stuff on cars i dont even know what it is or what it does,our days are just memories for us today.i now know what a old gunslinger must have felt like in the early 1900s. we had our day in the sun. now its time to move over for the next gen.good or bad its here.thats why i love my old cars.when i get in one and im going down the blacktop its 1970s all over again for me.
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Originally Posted by itsabird
And i thougtt i was the only person that had this knock. went into az asked the counter kid for 3.5 power valve for holly carb, his reply was what year, and make of car. :lol:
Been there. Told the young lady I needed some water pump gaskets for a v-8 chevy. She wanted to know what year. I told her 1977 truck would do. "Sir , I need to know the EXACT year, make and model" (Other 2 counter guys know me, they were glad to let her help me, lol). I said,"OK, I have a 78 Chevrolet LUV with a 428 cubic inch small block chevy...
After punching a few keys I got the blank stare...
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Yep, good old parts guys are a thing of the past. NAPA ( No, Auto Parts Available, hee hee) guys are usually the best parts guys around here.

When I buy parts I always have to make up a year and model for them.
If I tell somebody I've got a 632 in an S10 they either don't pay attention or ask what did that come in? However, if I just say I have a 454 in a S10, I always get some kind of reply about it being a bas azz truck.

Do you every feel like your surrounded by idiots? lol
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