historic tags in Maryland

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Default historic tags in Maryland

I know that to qualify for historic tags in MD the vehicle has to be at least 20 years old and not altered a lot. they also say the vehicle can't be used for general daily transportation or primarily for the transportation of passengers or property on highways. So does that mean I couldn't buy a car for a daily driver and tag it historic? And would replacing the stock engine with another be considered substantially altered.
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Historic tags do not require a vehicle inspection in MD. Because of this it cannot be your daily driver. Evenings, weekends and a mileage maximum of 2500 miles annually I believe are the limits on historic tagged vehicles.

A hot rod or custom or engine swapped ride can be historic tagged. But if its a daily driver, you'll need to inspect it and tag it with regular plates.

And just so you know they (LE) do notice historic tagged vehicles and stop them if they see an opportunity.

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If your going to modify it I myself would get a streetrod tag. You still have the same rules that apply like Scorp said above but I do think they are a lil more overlooking with this tag then Historic ones
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