A Letter to Impact Racing

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Default A Letter to Impact Racing

I don't expect a response from them on this letter, however I hope everyone that reads this will carefully consider who they buy their safety products from.

Robbie Pierce
MasterCraft Safety
Impact Racing
9335 Stevens Road
Santee, CA 92071

Dear Mr. Pierce:

This letter is in reference to the decertification of Impact Racing suits. I am one of the many racers that were affected by what transpired; I can only guess that those affected number in the hundreds if not more.

In November of 2008, I purchased a brand new SFI 3.2A/5 jacket and pants, 3.3/5 gloves and shoes from Vickery Speed Shop. The pants were not in stock, and it was not until February of 2009 that I finally received the correct pant size. As my engine was torn down at the time, I was unable to race and did not wear the suit until November of 2009. I wore the suit for eight races total at which point the issue over the tags arose, and I have not worn the suit since that time.

I understand that the quality of the suits were never questioned, only the SFI tags used thereon. While there should be no reason that the tags themselves should render the suits defective, or be unable to be replaced similar to a recertification allowed on other SFI items, SFI will apparently not allow that to happen. Because (i) Impact is responsible for the placement of counterfeit SFI tags, (ii) the suit I purchased has no expiration date, and (iii) my suit has no physical defects, Impact should replace my suit at no cost me. Even though your company, Mastercraft Safety, had no direct involvement in what transpired, your companyís purchase of Impact Racing and assuming Impactís name creates a moral obligation to replace my suit, and possibly an equitable obligation to do so under a court of law.

I addressed my situation with Kelly Clouser, one of your representatives, at the PRI show in Orlando, Florida. I discussed with Kelly my circumstances, and also that I was previously told by an Impact Racing representative that the only solution they could offer was a new suit at half the cost. In speaking with Kelly, she led me to believe that she could replace my suit at no cost to me. Kelly spoke to me briefly and then I was transferred by Kelly to a lady named Diane. I sent my suit and all of the related information at my cost to Diane. I waited until after the first of the year to call because of the holiday season. When I did, I was informed by Diane that they were waiting on a decision and to call back the first of the next week. I was informed when I called back again that they could do no more than what was previously offered to me by the prior Impact Racing representative.

So I hope you understand that I am disgusted with how my situation was handled by your company and the company you purchased. Impactís unwillingness to take responsibility for these dishonest acts and to take care of itís patrons is shameful.

I was told it would cost approximately $440 (actually more than half the price I paid) to replace my suit with your company. However, after further research, I found that I can buy a new pair of comparable jacket, pants, gloves, and shoes that meet the same specs from Jegs for less than that price. I originally bought the suit from Impact thinking that Impact suits were of better quality. Unfortunately, it seems not only did I not get what I paid for (i.e. an SFI legal suit), but I got something that now has no value to me at all.

In closing, I will NEVER buy another product from either Mastercraft Safety or Impact Racing. I will also make it a point to spread the word of my experience with your company and will hopefully dissuade others from buying from your company as well. I will also be sure to post details of my experience, as well as this letter, on the many racing forums I frequent on the internet. While you may feel this is unfair to you, how it affected all the racers facing this situation is something you should have considered prior to buying Impact Racing. It seems too common these days that companies do not care about the quality of their products and even more the customers they service, and unless people decide to stop buying from these companies nothing will change. Hopefully this letter will make a difference.

Mark Whitener
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Let us know the outcome. It wasn't just a SFI tag issue. There was also some substandard thread used in some suits.

They had some of the /15 or/20 suits that didn't have enough layers or pass the rating.
They had counterfeit Hans anchors in some helmets.
What else have they done that they did get caught?

I wouldn't own anything sold by them.
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Thanks for the info Mark. I hope you get something out of them.
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