Satan shows up AGAIN......

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Default Satan shows up AGAIN......

Phelps is at it once more.....he showed up here in Boise a few years back and got the 10 Commandments removed from 'public' property. The woosies in our local Govnt GAVE IN to him.....he won.....

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The 9 year old girl & the rest are in my prayers. I do believe there IS a time and place for just about everything. But to protest at a 9 year old girls funeral is just pathetic in my opinion.

Now, I can't justify the murder of ANYONE outside of a rapist, child molester, or murderer. But the way these left wingers & Liberal's are destroying our country and it's foundation it stands on...They should be putt on a ship and dropped off on a blown up truck tire and left in the middle of the ocean. Maybe they can find God there?
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