Possible scam in Mud Racing section.... Ad #2066847

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Default Possible scam in Mud Racing section.... Ad #2066847

Ad #2066847

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This guy is getting mud race parts donated to him due to him loosing most of his fingers in a bad "mud racing crash" a 3 years ago. Someone did some research, and found out he had his hands crushed AT WORK, 15 YEARS AGO. Read the thread above.... also some other stuff that don't add up.
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I was gonna send him a set of QA1 shocks, but didn't have a chance to send 'em yet and someone sent me a mssg that it may not be a true story. Still trying to find out what's going on. I do know that he already got a good chassis given to him by the Cant Stop Rocking race team along with most of the other parts to complete it.
I still wouldn't have had a problem giving some parts even if he did get hurt at work, but not if he is lying about it. He should know that mud racing is small enough that if he is lying it want be long before everybody knows about it.

This was posted on the MRA web site.

INJURED racer needs help.
by nvr2xtreme Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:57 pm

i was in a bad accident 3 years ago and ended up getting my hands crushed. well needless to say my racing days were over, or so i thought,
thanks to my wife placing an add on racing junk without me knowing, which made me mad at first due to pride, it looks like ill be able to return to the pits again.
ive been racing for 28 yrs now and well to make a long story short click the link and read the add.
i have to thank "greg noonan" highly and some more racers who have stepped up and proved we are still a family and no matter friend nor foe, when in need we help each
other out.
This next season ill be returning as the southern: "TEAM CANT STOP ROCKIN RACING". We still are needing to find some parts but so far things are loking pretty good.
Greg is a great guy and has gone out of his way. I want to thanks everybody thats helping and will post all names when its done. I want you to know im not trying to get freebies but on a disability check money is very very tight, if you can work with me il will pay you! Im a very honest person and firmly beleive that a mans word is all he owns in this world, but there are some great people out there with big hearts and dont care abbout money and are just glad to help.
needing rims, rear tires, dots, cut, paddles, dont care if they are used or half worn out, as long as they hold air..lol... well and have a lil tread slicks wouldnt do to good
in the mud huh?..lol.. i was also donated allot of hi po sbc parts, so im looking for some sbc zoomies, it can be the cheap ones off ebay, as long as they are 2",
i might have a sbc stroker with dual hi rise carb set up, but that will be coming off due to i want to run alcky so im looking for any descent sbc alcky setup and would like to work out a trade on that if anybody wants it.
Thanks to all who helped, evevn if it was just a prayer everybit helps.
just click on the link at the post by greg.

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