1972 Oldsmobile Need some idea's Guys!

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Default 1972 Oldsmobile Need some idea's Guys!

Just brought a 1972 Cutlass roller. It looks like a gram ma car. No engine. I am figuring on putting a 383 or 406 in the car. I figure the 406 would be a better engine since the car is so heavy. This car is going to be street driven and visit the track at times. Looking for some idea's.

Just finally got a toy to play with and looking for idea's. What are your thoughts?
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Default 72 was a good year to have

Since you are open to suggestions due to not having a drive train already, then you should think about putting an olds 455 in it. Most chevy guys think oldsmobile engines are not valuable so buying one cheap should be easier than finding a powerful chevy engine inexpensively. Next, the car would be worth a bunch more when you get board with the car and decide to sell it with the olds engine in it. The 455 olds makes gobs of torque in stock form and are very reliable if you do not over rev them. However, if the car frame is chopped up, without stock interior or has a cage in it or something to that extent, then whatever chevy engine you can afford would be the way to go. As for 383 or 400? Why not 582"? More is better for cheap power.
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my father used to put oldsmobile engines in everything...fords chevies whatever.He loves them. They used to make a 400 ci
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heck if you go olds i might know a guy who will sale a 350 that runs good for good price and ive seen and heard the motor
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I'm of the opinion to stick with a Olds 455 too. It'll bolt right in and you can drive it and upgrade it as you go along. That's a heavy car and the torque will get that mass moving and not have to rely on rpm's.
Just make sure you get a good motor from someone you know and trust.
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