anybody using shogun mini racing alternator

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Default anybody using shogun mini racing alternator

i have been using the shogun alternator on my car for over 10 years and im not sure if it really helps or not. i run 2 1000 amp batteries and this little altermnator and car runs just great as long as the batteries are fairly new batteries just went real bad this season and the car wouldnt go down thew track. i have 2 elec fuel pumps, electric water pump and electric fan, and mallory hifire 5 ignition box. the alternator puts out 14.5 volts and 15 amps. dont sound like much, but i dont understand electricity so i just dont know and would like to hear some input on the setup i use. im just going to buy 2 new batteries(1000 amps) and start all over again. dont want to go to 1 battery and bigger alternator as the 2 batteries are perfectly placed over tires and traction is great. thanks for info art
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what do you mean won't go down the track? what exactly was the car doing?

have you taken the alternator off car and had tested? what about batteries? don't know why it takes 2-1000 amp batteries?? one should be enough..

may be ignition system itself...or bad connection....or..
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I have ran that small shogun in the past, it no where near big enough for 1 battery to keep them charged up. Many have had issues with that problem and upgraded to a bigger east coast. They work great to keep good voltage while running but you still need to use a charger.
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I had the Shogun Lectri-Charge. It is more of a voltage maintainer that a charger in my opinion. I sold mine and put a GM altenator on the car. The problem with racecars is they don't run enough to recharge the battery if you are starting and stopping a lot. Like moving through the staging lanes. I run 1 battery. I will still put a charger on occasionally.

I also use a Battery Tender. If you have an outlet near where you store your car, I highly recommend it.
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I will never buy a Shogun product again. 1st water pump lasted a few weekends, second one would not even pump water. Not worth the aggravation or potential engine loss.
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Default anybody using

I really like using 2 batteries and a 100 amp 1 wire alternator with a voltmeter in the dash. I trickle charge during the week and never have to charge at the track.

I use 2 Optima batteries and a Powermaster Denso type alternator with a home made bracket. ( A long as the Optimas don't go below 10.5 volts any charger will work.)
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Default shogun

thanks for the replies. when i said the car wouldnt go down the track, i meant that it missed like crazy and wouldnt rev up past 6000, usually comes through the traprs at 7700 rpms. i hadnt charged the batteries at all for that run and they were running out of life (7 years old and i didnt realize it. run before thewy were charged and the car ran half decent. definitely getting 2 neww batteries and will continue with the shogun alternator. i will just have to changew the bagtteries every other year and i should be fine art
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