stolen dominator.....don't trade with bluecarslloyd

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Default stolen dominator.....don't trade with bluecarslloyd

i posted an ad looking to trade my 1050 dominator for a 4150 950 or bigger i traded a guy in montana (worked out perfect with zero issues) a day or so later lloyd contacted me about trading for a 950 HP (the discussion him and i had is pasted below) i told him i had made a trade but a buddy might be interested which he was. my buddy sent his carb (another 1050 dominator) he sent with delivery confirmation and it was delivered. about 4 and a half months later and no carb has shown here and lloyd doesn't answer his phone and doesn't return messages.

need the power of racing junk to help. his name is lloyd and his number is 434-728-4201 he is in virgina. i can get his address if need be.

Here is the conversation lloyd and i had:

On [2010-06-04 14:19:36] bluecarslloyd wrote:
> howold is his get him tocallme 434 728 4201 mine is only 2 months old
> On [2010-06-04 12:05:02] overkillrc wrote:
> > oh and forgot my buddy said he will trade his dom for your carb and $100 if your interested let me know
> >
> > On [2010-06-04 01:47:58] bluecarslloyd wrote:
> > >
> > > wish i could have gotten up with you before yougotrid of yours hate to keapspending money on this stuffi paid over 700 for this 950 hp of mine dont think its bigenough for my 520 that im building its 12.8 compression imlooking at aset of 861 bowtieheads with 380 runners running a 800 lift roller 400 long rod olivers 4 speed trans 411 gear in a 68 camaro
> > > On [2010-06-03 12:49:01] overkillrc wrote:
> > > > not to concerned i have one of the best engine builders in the country and in his words "demons are junk but i know how to fix whats wrong so get it" but yea he said out of the box they are junk.
> > > >
> > > > On [2010-06-03 11:34:58] bluecarslloyd wrote:
> > > > > hope you have better luck than me with the demon bought a new one was a peace of junk
> > > > >
> > > > > On [2010-06-03 10:36:16] overkillrc wrote:
> > > > > > sorry, just traded my dom for a race demon with 3 sets of venturie sleeves yesturday. i have a friend though that has a 1050 dominator for sale it's fresh he's asking $500
> > > > > >
> > > > > > On [2010-06-03 01:07:30] bluecarslloyd wrote:
> > > > > > > your in luck i have a brand new 950 hp carb ibought about 3 months ago i only drove it 1/8 of a mile spun amain bearing building my bigblockback with a dart intake and bowtie heads and i nead a domintor now you can callme i would callyoubut its 1 in themorning mine ran supergood excellant throttleresponse 434 728 4201 Lloyd
> > > > > > [/b]
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Please get his address i am also in Virginia :!: :!:
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his name and address are:

Lloyd Towler
500 meadow ridge ct.
Gretna, VA 24557
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did you get in contact with this guy,im not far from him 30 min,i can get the word out about him if he didnt get you straight!
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How can you do a deal like this safely? I have heard of guys trading parts but I was always afraid this would happen to me.
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hey mark we are about 3.5 hours away
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