Another 1 of These FINE Guys,To BEWARE OF!!!??Bill Hamilton

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Default Another 1 of These FINE Guys,To BEWARE OF!!!??Bill Hamilton

AD# 1998127
Made A Deal with Him this afternoon,for the FULL Asking Price and asked what He wanted for Shipping?He said 75-80.00 I said DEAL,I will send the $$$ in the Morning.So I have a Guy I Race with that wanted My Top-End,I call and make a Deal with John,and waiting for Info from BILL HAMILTON-TULSA.OK to send me his address so the Bank Check can be sent?
Just Got a Responce thru R/Junk from Him?
--BAD NEWS Greg?A Local Guy came over and Offered Me 1750.00 for the Parts,I had NO CHOICE but to take it?


Bill Hamilton
918 813 2274

Did I loss any $$$?
NOT until I have to Replace the Parts that Were on My Motor!

WHAT Has the F#(KED up WORLD Came to?Its to the POINT that its almost a TOSS-UP Anymore?PATHETIC!

Anyone that wants to tell Me,well atleast You did Not Lose any $$$$,Step RITE UP!
G :evil:
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Sorry that the man has no integrity. Obviously his word means nothing.
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Not Me :shock: :shock: Why does people do that a deal is a deal :!: :!:
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I am no longer suprised at the number of folks that have no integrity at all. Greg, you did lose something in the broken lost a little more faith in believing a man because he gave you his word.
Although you have to replace your top end now, I am glad Bill didn't get any money from you.

I for one, have given up on buying anything via the 'net. If I do not know you, then I have no interest in dealing with you.

Good job Bill Hamilton!! Thanks :roll: :roll: for your contribution to "no integrity" fund!
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Default handhsakes are for the select few

handshakes are for the select few. we still have a few [ hopefully alot] of handshakers still arroung. i just [ i thought] sold my 24 foor box truck. was a snap on truck not the greatest truck but price was fair to that. he came looked . picked it apart i chose to lower the price. we made the deal and he was to pick up the next morning. sooooooo i had the title notorized to him and was ready for him to show?? well you know what happened, i still have the truck he dont answer the phone. i had to fix the title. i left a message for him that his integerty was one of the best i have seen >at least he didnt lie just didnt show. coward he may be??? any one want to buy a box truck on a hand shake? my handshake is worth something??? i bet we still have a few that a handshake is all we need? GOD BLESS AND KEEP THE PRAYERS FLYING!!!!!
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Some people shouldnt be able to look themselves in the mirroe but yet they go on everyday...

BTW Ed I have seen that truck on here, just out of curiosity what does something like that go for? Im not really in the market just wondering...
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