patriot cylinder heads

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Default patriot cylinder heads

anyone know anything about patriot cylinder heads
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Default patriot heads

No comments means little is known or none are out there? Just thought I would try to get someting going here.
My opinion, they are another Chinese deal like Pro Comp. Probably OK for a street replacement. Probably copies of another head. Probably no engineering for any horsepower or reliability. Probably the components used to call them assemblies are marginal for performance. Probably.

If they are quite a bit cheaper than known good brand heads they are probably not as good for anything more than street use.
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I don't know anything about those heads...but I am running a pair of AFR 195 CC ported heads and love them. This is the first set of heads I ever purchased and are awesome and highly recommended!
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We have used qute a few sets....the quality was decent at first...that of which would be comporable to a procomp head. Than on 4 sets of there SBF heads we built a mild 347 stroker...410hp and cracked 4 sets a row on the dyno! Right above the head bolts on the rail. The BBC heads had there share of problems as well as the Vortec heads we had to retool. Stay way IMO unless you buy bare and have some install quality parts and machine them right.
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