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is shipping cod with UPS safe way to get paid?
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100 % but I do not know if UPS does person to person. I buy and sell using standard truck shipping and C.O.D. I give a deposit that equals the shipping cost or ask for that amount from buyer. It works you get to see in person what you are buying and if your selling.... cash is paid before your stuff is handed over.

Also an airline ticket is cheap if your buying a high dollar item. Fly out, look at it and then take it to the shipper yourself. If more people did this the scammer section on here would dry up and die.

But NO!!!! Way to many people are willing to send a few thousand dollars to a person they do not know. I look at these people and want to ask them this... Would you walk up to a complete stranger on the street and hand them say $3,000.00 and your bank account number and ask them to make a deposit for you. H*ll no you would not so why send some one that same amount of cash based on a pic and some out of state address.

Ok off my soap box
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Default Re: Shipping COD

Originally Posted by IFL
is shipping cod with UPS safe way to get paid?
Only if you tell UPS to accept cash or postal MO only, there are too many phoney cashers checks floating around out there and the UPS driver is not responsible for being able too tell the difference.


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