Teflon is for the frying pan

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Default Teflon is for the frying pan

Once again, I prove that Teflon is for the frying pan and not for sealing. My water inlet fitting to the water pump is leaking. I sealed it, against my better judgement, with pipe dope w/ teflon. I shoulda used silicone like i have in the past.

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As a mechanic in the industrial maintenous field for the last 20 years I've personally never had issues using teflon pipe dope.

I currently use it on a few fittings on the racecar and I've used it countless times on pipe fittings, joints while at work- some with crazy high pressure I might add, all I can say is that it was either not tight OR you didnt use enough.

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I too used Teflon tape and dope working in the oil/chemical field and never had a problem getting a seal. You might have a cracked tube causing the leak. By the way, Teflon is good up to 400F so it's not a heat related leak. I'd pull the tube, clean it and inspect it for a crack. If nothing can be found, use tape this time. There seems to be Teflon tape on the market that isn't the bast quality. The good tape should have the consistency of Saran Wrap and not like cardboard. Wrap the tape on the opposite way the threads are cut and start back 1 thread with the tape. This should prevent tape from tearing loose and getting into the system.
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