Jason Prtiz Warrenton, MO SCAMMER

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Default Jason Prtiz Warrenton, MO SCAMMER

To all of you that have been scammed by Jason Pritz of Warrenton, MO...I have been able to have a very nice long and in depth conversation with Mr. Pritz about #1 where my money is and #2 what is trying to attempt to do to everyone that he is scamming. What he is trying to do is basically hold your money for a long period of time until he claims that you have made threats to him.
He thinks he knows a cousin of his thats a lawyer that can get him free money this way. He flat out told me that he thinks he will be able to go to the prosecutor, lay all the parts on the prosecutors table and get out of everything for proving he has the parts. I've asked for a refund and he said he would do that but wouldn't send it in the mail because he's afraid i will cash the check and say i never got? ye ti told him i would meet him face to face but he says he wont do that because ive made threats. He then says all the police reports made by all the individuals that have been scammed are false, He claims Detective Ferres is lying that there are other victims and I'm the only one herrasing him to get my money back.

Just a little FYI for everyone

P.S. Jason, you must know your a white trash piece of shit fuck if you come on the scammers board here to check if anyones talking about you. To everyone, look for a nice article in the Warrenton, MO newspaper soon on Mr. Prtiz.
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