Good Blower Company Needed

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Default Good Blower Company Needed

I'm looking to step up the supercharger for my new engine and would like to deal with a reputable company. I’m a bit leery because the company I purchased the engine parts from were a despicable group that cost me a ton of money in rework.
Currently I have a 671 from Weiand that I ran on my old motor (408 cuin SBC) and made about 9 lbs of boost 4% over driven. The car is a tubbed 57 Chevy street car that I run on pump gas. I just built a DART blocked 434 with 230 Pro 1 heads, bullet cam, JE pistons, etc.
I spoke with someone from RBS Superchargers and they sounded very knowledgeable, but does anyone have any experience dealing with them? Also, they recommended me buying a new supercharger (871 or 1071) with the entire offset shifted forward so that I don’t have any clearance issues with the distributor. Does shifting the blower forward create any performance problems I should consider?
Any help would be appreciated.
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jtedd, how much boost are you looking to make, and how much power do you want to make? These are key factors, but I would check with DMPE inc. they have a website, , and have done my supercharger for quite some time. they are probably one of the best companies around for roots style superchargers, and usually have used ones people have sent in on trade. You might have to get a six inch offset for the distributor though... Just my two cents!

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You can solve all your distributor problems by useing a front distributor drive, and go as big as you want too on the blower. I've got a 1471 on a sm/blk with a buzzard catcher, pushed 35 lbs boost with a 355" motor, at 20% overdrive. I use an 8MM 3" drive setup and a front crank support. I drive the distributor and the Enderle 110 pump with the cover. Good viberations has so good prices on blower, and sell the RCD crank support which you will need if you go with a high output blower. That or have a crank with a B/BLK snout. Jim is a pretty good person to deal with. I use Mert Littlefield for my blower service, and have for over 25 yrs. The front distributor/pump drive is about $1100.00 but once you have it all your probled are solved for any blower combination. I use a 6" extention to drive the pump.

Below is Summers Bros. web page and it shows the parts and #'s.


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