To Blow or not to Blow that is the question ??

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Default To Blow or not to Blow that is the question ??

Hi maybe a totaly dumb question but i am looking to get myself a pro street car running around 800 -1000 hp this will be used for ocasional street and some track here in the UK.
What are the benefits or dissadvantages of going with something with a blower verses normaly aspirated.
I am looking at probably a late 60's camero and have my eye on a few on here but as i realy dont know what i should be looking for i am hopping for some advise.

I have been looking at the following 3 cars

Ad #1764647 - 1968 Pro-Street Camaro SS with Big BBC
Ad #1791516 - 67 Camaro 540 bbc Supercharged
Ad #1762241 1968 Prosteet Camaro-Award winning.

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A blower is like nitrous all the time.
If you want more power, spin the blower faster
It looks as cool as it is

Down fall:
They make alot of heat, you will need a good cooling system
You will need two carbs or a good injection system
You will have a big opening in your hood

The first car looks nice and looks to be turn key

The second does not have close up pics, it looks to be not all finished and clean, alot of stuff just taken off and a nice paint job with a stock gm blower on a 540

The third is a NOOOOO
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You got to be kidding, take the 540 (ad#1791516) for $23,500.00) hands down the best deal, sure the other 2 have nicer paint and maybe some more detail, but for the $22,000.00 difference,(you can make it as nice or nicer than the other 2 vehicles) there's no comparison. But a bit of caucsion, if you're going to spend that kind of money, hop on a jumbo jet, and go to Vegas and do the deal in person, sure you'll spend a couple thousand extra, but you want get something that you are not sure of.
I am a blower, person who has run them since 1964.


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#1 IMO it's a nice car, but way over priced.

#2 Sounds like a helluava deal @ 23,5K couldnt build one for that, not a bad looking car either.

#3 Pricey, but heck if I had the dough and wanted to be billy bada$$, I'd get this one. Remember the asking price was in Canadian, so lets do the math.
@ A exchange rate of 0.954672 Canandian, the price would be $62,053 American or 101,942.71 British pounds

On the topic of Blower -vs- N/A

I'm a N/A guy and never run blowers, so to say that I'm biased towards N/A would be a under-statment.

Goodluck with your purchase, Cp
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You can also ask for assistance from most of these guys in the forum. I am sure there are a few on here who wouldn't mind taking a look at a car in their area and save a wasted trip. If they deem it nice, hop on a Jet and come on over to see it in person.
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#1.. I've seen this car first hand I can say its sweeet looking but never remember it going down the track when I seen it (not saying it hasnt but the days I seen it, it did not)

2. Looks like a great deal but, who built the chassis and if you are required to have a chassis tag does it have one ?? If it doesnt that explain why its not sold here.

3. IMO that car would be the best of the 3 if the backhalf was done right and the tire was tucked up in, letting the back of the car sit lower. But its not so its the worst of the 3 IMO
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