More Scammers?

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Default More Scammers?

[b][i] :evil: Why do we keep getting all these scammers? I have someone in MY FRIENDS list that has scammed someone that doesn't have a profile on RJ. The guy even called me off of one of my ad's. I've personally been scammed and have talked to many others on RJ who have been scammed as well. There has to be some way that RJ can boot these folks off of RJ if they cheat people out of there money. It's becoming increasingly difficult to do any business on RJ anymore. I refuse to use PayPal due to this fact, when you sign up with them you probably are not aware that you just gave them permission to go into your BANK ACCOUNT anytime they see fit. And yes, they can seize any amount they see fit to cover the loss. Another words if you sell an engine for $4,500.00 and the buyer tells PayPal he doesn't like the motor and want's his money back, even two months later, PayPal will seize the money from your Bank Account if you don't voluntarily give the money back. Oh yes, it's defiantly true. Take just a moment and go to and see for yourself. It's done quite frequently. And once they seize it, you can't get it back. So Racing Junk needs to come up with someway to get these scammers kicked off of RJ. I know that's more than my two cent's, but it's time to fix the problem.
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Ive heard 3rd party claims that PAYPAL does do business like that. But I have never had the problem myself. The only problem I had once was the option to claim money would not work from my PC. After 90 days of trying to get my money, I was down to the last day to claim my money, or it was going to be given back to the guy who bought my car part. Thats great he got my part and his money back makes sence to me. Anyway they cut me a written check for the amount with a 20.00 charge of coarse for thier trouble. That put a very bad taste in my mouth about them then. I now will pay with them but not use them to recieve money if I can keep from it.
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Simple fix. Cash or Money Orders.
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