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The onslaught of terrorism in America these recent months following 7 years of Bush keeping them off U.S. soil , is not a sudden
failure in our intelligence operations. Under Obama, according to Dick Morris & Eileen McGann, “Obama has turned the
hunters into the hunted”. “This new onset of terrorism is not the product of any change in the international environment or some
new “systemic” flaw in our intelligence operations.” The CIA is under liberal attack while the liberal media paints a negative picture
of those protecting the safety of this nation. It boils down to liberal political correctness that instills fear into those who dare
to impart their duties regarding the realty of those who threaten to destroy America. Obama is creating an ‘open arms’ environment
for terrorists by giving them ‘criminal rights under the U.S. Constitutional rather than a military tribunal that sends a clear
message to others who may pose a threat to America.
The failure of the intelligence operatives to pass along the information about the Ft. Hood shooter or the airline bomber did not
flow from a blind spot or a lack of coordination, they stemmed from terrorism of a different sort -- the terror of making a mistake
and falling on the harsh mercies of Eric Holder. Now Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutall sits, lawyered up, in a federal
prison. Abdulmutall should be interrogated by the military, without benefit of counsel. The evidence we obtain should not be
admissible in a court of law nor used as the basis for his sentencing. But it must be used to ward off future threats and attacks.
It is Obama who has created this environment on one hand while assuring the citizens of this country that he is protecting us
from growing violence. January 5, 2010 See: http://www. DickMorris.com

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Flight 253, with 278 passengers and crew on Christmas Day on a
flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. The following events occured: Abdulmutallab’s father—a respected banker in Nigeria—had
gone to the United States Embassy there to tell authorities that his son had become a dangerous radical. That warning alone should
have been enough to put Umar on the “no fly” list . He shows up at the Amsterdam airport with no luggage, pays cash for a oneway
ticket, and manages to get himself assigned to a seat right over a fuel tank in one of the wings. Abdulmutallab was waved
through security with 80 grams of PETN—a compound related to nitroglycerin. He waits for his plane to approach Detroit before
he put a blanket over his lap where he fails to detonate his bomb. Two passengers subdued Abdulmutallab until the plane landed
where he was led away in handcuffs.
Abdulmutallab was trained by al-Qaeda in Yemen, and just days after he was lawyered up and shut up, the U.S. was forced to
close its embassy in Yemen because of active threats from the same people who had trained and sent Abdulmutallab.
Amazingly, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano bragged on television, saying, that “the system worked.”(scarey in
itself!) Three days later Obama interrupted his vacation in Hawaii to admit that “there had been a ‘systemic failure’ of the nation’s
security apparatus.” The President has, as of 1/7/2010, spoken out much more forcefully about ‘changes’ will be made to make our
people and our country safer. He creates a welcoming environment for terrorists by bipassing the military and the intelligence they
may find and providing and sentences them under criminal system, therefore providing them with ‘Miranda rights”, “the right to
remain silent”. Though Obama has sensibly suspended transfers of Yemenis from Guantanamo he is still politically committed to
closing it down. The only change I can see is that he, finally, admitted it is an act of terrorism.
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