Junior Dragster- Great fun for the family!

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Default Junior Dragster- Great fun for the family!

I've just recently bought a jr. dragster for my daughter and have found that feeling I used to get when I was driving, but now it includes my whole family. It seems to be a fast growing class and has just as many girls as boys. Since we arejust getting started, we are stil shopping for alot of stuff, such as spare engines, parts, etc. Feel free to unload your left-overs here. Oh, and if your looking to try and make up some lost ground with your child who is soon to be on their own, this seems to be a great chance for dad to get close to them one on one. Feedback appreciated....
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It's good to see a family enjoying the sport together. There a whole lot of things that are worse for kids to get into.
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It was fun with the boys having their jrs and racing with us. Still have 1 left hanging on the wall. I guess it is probably time to get it down and sell it. Sure wish I had left over parts as you would be more than welcome to them. Good luck and please remember, competition is fierce but they are still kids.
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Our daughter just completed her 6th season. She started when she was 8. Well worth the time and effort. Have her old car up for sale and looking for a chrome moly frame so she can go closer to 7.90. It's all fun. All the Jr teams I've met have been very helpful to new teams. Just ask.

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I think I have more fun running the jr. car with my daughter than I do running my own car.So much fun and the other familys are so helpful and easy to talk to.....Nobody has any speed or e.t. secrets .They just want the kids to have a good time..
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We did it for 8 years with my daughter and now she is in a big dragster. We chased the outlaw 330 series and ran points in that and our local tracks. Had a ton of fun, met a lot of neat people. She won 4 track championships and my oldest daughter ran jr.'s for one year. I sold my car and now only my daughter races. Would not take anything for our jr. years and the fun our family had.
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