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Default Friends for life

Just wanted to share this story with everyone.

I have a friend for life, his name is Chris Butler.

I met him thru Rj via this forum.

He made a post about meeting Wally Parks, I was jealous so I laid my sarcastic humor on him and that lone reply started a pen pal relationship that has lasted a span of 3 years.
We exchange emails daily.

Well as fate would have it, we eventually met, he and his wife flew out to Memphis this past October to meet me and the motley crew.

He and his wife showed up late that friday night, we hit it off immediatly, we burned the mid-night oil tossing back a few piss waters as he calls them and basically just getting to know each other.

The next day was all about racing, his passion is to one day have a drag car of his own, so his interest in my 69 dragcar was enormous.

He has a nice 75 impala of his own, in fact it's his daily driver.

Residing in Burbank California he's very limited to what he can do performance wise, but with my suggestions and his know how & he's got it thumping pretty hard for a 2 barrel emission controlled car.
So far he has put on full roller rockers, ignition box (6al) and petronix high output dizzy & electric fan. Swearing up and down it will take down the 69 :shock: I'll just take his word on that one. :lol:

Well we headed to the track with the 69 in tow, got down there and he immediatly headed to the fence and watched some pro cars make a few times trials, I laid back.
He said there is some fast rides out here Charles, you got anything for them??
Me snickering, naw man they all over
I finally got my junk ready and went up adn wouldnt cha ya knwo, I busted off a >561 ET.... he was amazed... hell I was amazed :shock:
I just bested my fastest ET by almost a half tenth!
I always told him my junk was kinda quick, he knew I wasnt B/Sing now.
Well as my luck goes - 2 time trials later the rearend broke into a million pieces, done for the night.

With Piss waters in hand we watched the races till the finals.

After the races and taking the 69 back to the house we headed towards the industrial part of town with the boys mustang in tow, we done some street racing till teh wee hours of the morning and kicked some butt - Please note: > this is something I do not condon but sometimes do (special occasions) besides the night was young :lol:

4am and a case of piss water later we're back at Club Perkins.
Hungry and hungover but no worse for wear we parted ways for the night/morning.
Sunday he and his wife Shawna came over and we had the final supper.
BBQ pork, slab of ribs, hotwings, pizza the usual.

They were off sight seeing Memphis all day Monday (wifey) both of us still in recovery anyway.

Then sadly early tuesday they flew back to Cali.

He's already making plans to come back in 6 months.
I anxiously await their return.

Both Chris and his Wife Shawna are some of the niceest people you;d ever want to meet.

They are plenty others on here I really want to meet one day.

Suicidebomb > Earl you and your wife Gayla for sure.

Zip, Dennis and many others, that is if I live long enough.

I Met Jimmy Smith at H/S last year, he's a super nice guy and one helluva racer I look forward to NOT racing agianst

Sorry for the book guys and gals but this story is what makes this site such a special place for me.

You never know about people you help or meet on here, they just might become a friend for life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, Cp
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Charles we all had a blast!!!!!!I could not have told the story better myself.Good job buddy.Yes in deed that 69 is BAD ASS!!!!!You were a great host and Viv and Cody were very friendly to my wife and I.I thank you all for your hospitality.See you in 6 months bro ..My ride is a 77 Impala coupe not a 75. :lol:Lets not forget about my Flowmaster exhaust and shift kit. Next visit I'm drinking bottled water.Took me a good 3 days to recover from that one late night out.That piss water whoped my ass.
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That is awesome to hear and see. This si the reason why I love this site.
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Wow...AWESOME STORY !...thats what its all about...i have developed a friendship with a few on here...Bowtie4542001 has been to my house a few times.........Me and Topsportsman1 have been Buddies for going on 7 years..

Great Story !

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OK Ladies enough with lifetime/oxygen/oprah tv moments. Let's get back to bench racing.

J/K It's good to hear stories like this on here. The board is getting over run with scammers and bad stories. It's great to read about people getting together for good times.
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Thanks Charlie for the props, We are off to Fulton Sunday for a little racing and a Match Race with Bob Carr. It will be footbrake and .400 tree and with a Index Mike Franks started this and is furnishing a Trophy, it is going to be FUN . Later J.Smith 4621 racing
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Nice story. That's a big part of why I race. Racing is fun, but the hours before and after the race are just as much or more fun.

I cover lots of miles during the year and hope to catch up with a few of the RJ guys.
Last Saturday I was in Tepulo Ms, next Saturday I'll be in Charlotte, Nc. ( actually Concord, Nc. and I do have plans to meet one of the RJ guys Saturday) then late Saturday afternoon I'll be in High Point, Nc.

Dec. 12, I'll be at the PRI show in Orlando, Fl.
I shouldn't be hard to find at the show. We'll be one of a few booths set up with mud racing vehicles. lol.

January 23rd weekend I'll be in Nashville.
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