whats the most pump gas compression possible

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Default whats the most pump gas compression possible

any experiences on whats the most compression possible with 93 octane pump gas using aluminum heads bbc? the cam size needs to be mentioned also,in case the cam is bleeding off the compression.
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its best to call a piston company and tell them what heads and
CC you are going to use and they can tell you what comp to use
for high octane pump gas, i was told not to go over 10.25:1
but the old 396 was running a 11.00: 1 comp due to its rod length,
but at that time the ethyl was premium 8) good luck
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true cam timing has to do with compression limitations.so does rod to stroke as well as air inlet temps,and how used(heavy pulling truck at low rpms and stabbing the throttle is an example of this)

the larger the cubes the less room to play with example a 396 will tolerate maybe 11 to one where as a 632 might only be 10:1....its all about cylinder pressure which i think someone might chime in for idont know max cylinder pressure u can safely get away with...

what is your combo and application?
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