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Default blower help...

hay whats up guy? i need help with my 540bbc. runing a 10-71 with about 15psi boost. i wanna rund e85 i live in cali. problem can i run e85 with the achol set up i have already? also if i stick with alki what are the pros and cons? 68 pro street but almost full time drag car. thank you for your time
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Default E85

I will be and am I the Process of the Same Deal!
I will give you a Little Info that i have Found out?
E-85 has a 1.4-1 Ratio from gas.
Alcohol has about 1.7-1.
E85 =80,000 BTU per Gallon.
93 Octane =112,000 BTU per gallon
I dont have the BTU's on Alcohol,BUT I'm sure Zipper will pop in with the Missing Info?
In other Words,if your Alky tune is on?You will be about 15 to 20% Rich,give or take?
e85 is Equivilant to 105 Motor Octane,and have talked to guys with over 14.1 compression,with NO Issues!
My set-up will be 8.5 1,with a 8/71 and a Hilborn 4-Port Bug with hat Nozzles and Port Nozzles.I will be using a 990 Enderle Pump.
I will set down SOON and figure out what Nozzles sizes and the Split?
Not alot of INFO for you but hang in there,more info will Pop up?
G 8)
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I don't know if this will help but below is a chart on the most effecient burn ratio, of most fuels. by comparing the ratios i think you can run the same nozzles, because there's only 25% difference in alcohol and E85, but looks like you'll have jet up on the bypass pill, because it will require less fuel for the E85.



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Zip, Great info, thanks. Dave
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