Trailer Size for 2 Cars

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Default Trailer Size for 2 Cars

I'm looking for advice from those of you who trailer 2 cars in an enclosed trailer.

I've starting to look at trailers to haul 2 BMW E46 M3's to/from track events.

Cars are 177" (14'9") each so technically they could fit in a 32' trailer, but that sounds really cramped (29' 6" worth of car in 32' trailer).

I'm trying to avoid a gooseneck (pulling with a Motorcoach). Is my best option to look at stackers?

Thanks in advance!
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IMO if you want to stay away from gooseneck then a stacker is the only way to go. But that is only my opinion.

Plus you have to also account for toolboxes, tires, extra parts, plus the stuff that you will be bringing to accomidate yourself etc. etc.

Me personally will be getting a gooseneck trailer that will be around 53' to haul 2 cars and all the neccessities to go with to the track.
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I have a 48' (in reality it's 48' 10") gooseneck for a 68 Firebird and 71 Camaro. Has 40' of floor space. Have a bbq grill, the 68, gas cans, sparetire, the 71, 2 bicycles, generator and fold up table all in that order stuffed into it. The bed in in the attic. Man I need to get a new mattress, that one wore me out over the weekend. :shock:
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im using a 48' gooseneck style to haul a old vette and 39 pick-up neither have wheelie bars and the forward veh sticks out about 12'' into the side door opening,which is 48" wide, thats allowing for comfortable tie-down area to work and approx 24'' behind the rear veh. this still allows for a fuel drum, tools, jugs etc. forward of the side door area, hope this helps you
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The key is that he pulls it with a motorhome! A stacker is gonna be his only real option if he wants to keep his motorhome...
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I have a 32'8" open and it is fine because it is open but dont know abought if it was a enclosed, you would need a door on front for tieing down and in the middle I woundnt know how you would have room to tie down, the front of the back car

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