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Default 496 build

Ok guys need a little help here. I finally got the bottom end together eagles street strip assembly 10.3:1 srp pistons. As for heads I'm thinking the afr's 325's Are these good heads for street use or over kill? What would be a good choice of heads, cam, intake top end for a weekend driver. I'm looking for something that will be streetable on the weekend cruises but will kick some butt at the same time. lol!! Something that isn't going to break the bank but will make great tq and hp. Thanks for the advice
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I used a set of Dart Pro 1 (325 runners) on a 511 BBC and they made good power. JMO

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when you say good power what are we talking about 500's 600"s would it be best to go bare and have my local machine shop do valves and springs or assembled
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The 325cc runners are overkill. Go with a Brodix or AFR 290cc at most the AFR 305cc CNC Chamber. You will most likely never allow the bigger runners to run up to there potential unless your runnning nitrous and a big cam as well. The bigger runners will produce nice low end torque, but rev out about 5900RPM.

Im doing a similar build as we speak using the AFR 305cc CNC chambers and should be on the dyno in 2 weeks or so. Just waiting for the heads at this point. Looking for about 625+HP out of her.
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get a cam made from udharold,,,he is around if u want to find him...here is something i found about him...

1969---Went to work for State of Mississippi as computer operator, rose to be lead operator at CDPA, Central Data Processing Agency.
1972---Began working on cam design program in my spare time.
Dec 15, 1972---Sold 310AP SBC solid to Reed Cams, Georgia, for $125.00.
1973---Made $3000 selling to Reed, Isky, Engle, Norris.
1974---Designed Reed's RxxxULX line of rollers, and a lot more, including Benny Parson's 1975 Daytona 500-winning cam. Also Shirl Greer's TF/FC NHRA National Champion Nitro Funny car cam, designed for Norris, and it was a True Chrysler flat tappet, with .438" lobe lift.
1974---Became General Kinetics' cam designer, worked with people like Bill Jenkins and Jack Roush on the cams for their ProStockers.
1976---Jenkins wins Pro Stock Natinal Championship, with GK doing large-barrel cams.
1977---I start in January with Competion Cams, as their original cam designer. Over the next 3 years, I design them hundreds of cams, including the 268 High Energy. I introduce them to the unsymmetrical cam.
1979---I write them their 1st in-house cam design program. Before that, we shared a program with Cam Dynamics.
1980---After negotiating since late 1976 for some stock ownership in Competition Cams, I leave and start UltraDyne on April 1st, 1980. The 1st month I design the 288/296F5 and the 288/296R6, the 2 most popular cams I ever made.
1981---In September, I hire my 1st employee, Mike O'Neal, who ran my shop, made all my models and masters, etc.
1982---We're running 2 shifts, from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Tim Goolsby comes to work for me, he is Mike's brother-in-law. I also design UltraDyne's first hydraulic cams, such as the 272, the 276, the 288/296H.
From then on until 2000, we all just worked. UltraDyne grossed over $1.2 Million a year from 1990 to 1999.
2000---A number of independent factors began to take their toll---Federal Mogul acquiring my 2 major solid lifter core manufacturers, and their later Chapter 11, Lifter companies disappearring, tremendous cash-flow problems in the end of 2000, initially triggered by the UPS strike---We lost around $50,000 in the strike.
2001---A un-named cam company in Memphis hires 8 of my 12 employees, and 2 more just leave because they think --that's it. Only Tim and Gail are left with me.
2001-2003---UltraDyne is in the Chapter 11 'Death Spiral'. I take a $0 salary for 2002, and pump all my, and my wife's, retirment money into UltraDyne, along with all the equity I could get on my house, etc, etc, etc.
June 2003---Everything is gone, the government locks the doors.
August 2003---I go to work at Lunati, charged with completely re-doing their entire line of cams. Mike is already there, waiting for me, along with Steve Slavik, who worked for me for 13 years (Mike for 19...). Then I meet the corporate world.....
Oct 2004---Lunati introduces the VooDoo cams. And they really work good.....
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grossing 1.2 million for 9 years and im going to say only 25 percent may have become profit, what the hell happened??? He lost his employees so some overhead went away... but he was still the main man...

This story is depressing in a way
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He'd still around, in fact i have a house about 20 minutes from where he lives in Ms. Unfortunately he doesn't always answer the phone as he says in this post by him. I had someone from here on RJ PM me about a month ago saying they had purchased a cam thru him, and hasn't recieved it yet. (no money changed hands) and he hasn't answered his calls to him. But this is where he's at.


From UDHarold himself!
“I work for Custom Camshaft Company, a division of Arrington Manufacturing. I stay at my house in Senatobia, MS, and telecommute to work in Martinsville Va. My office phone is 662-301-1245, and so far I'm having to take my wife to work, she's a Staff Accountant in Memphis, so I'm not here before 9:00 AM CST or from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM CST. I answer the phone when it rings, and have sold several cams to Team Chevelle members.”
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Originally Posted by TS1955
I used a set of Dart Pro 1 (325 runners) on a 511 BBC and they made good power. JMO

Dart Pro 1's are good heads...esp for that 496....and is what I have on mine with roller set up and 11.0:1 compression pushing 650-675 hp...then add 300 shot of NOS to the mix....wooo hooo...
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325 is not an extremely large head. Especially for 500 cubic inches. I got canfields 320s on my 496. Same bottom end kit as you.Car has plenty of bottom end pep. It will only remotely hook up on the street.Even with a set of 33x16 goodyears aired down to 6 psi and a vht "prepped" area in front of my house.Far from being "lazy" or "sluggish" from running too big a head. I dont believe the 325 will kill the motor at all,but a set of 290s might choke it down pretty bad if you decide to go big later. All depends if this is gonna be the last set of heads you will EVER buy for this motor,or if you wanna leave growing room. And be honest....we all need growing room :wink:
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