Need to know the best place for a turbo 400

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Default Need to know the best place for a turbo 400

First off this is for a Prostreet car, but is going to be raced on occasion. Has a 400 turbo in it now that I know nothing about, except it was built by a company I could never find named TPI. I say it should be good for 800HP if they did it right. I haven't dyno'ed my car but estimates from people figure a good tune and gas should get me anywhere from 1000 to 1400HP at the flywheel. (I'll be happy with the low side for now) Car weighs about 3400 without my fat butt in it. Motor is a 461 with good parts, and a F-2 procharger set up for 22PSI. I'm going to turn it to around 7-7200rpms. I don't have a transbrake in it, but want 1 with the new tranny. Right now I'm looking at saving up, selling my other stuff, and begging to get enough for a Fail Safe T-400 from Transmission Specialities. Is there any others to look at? Either that or where can I get enough parts for mine reasonable enough to build mine to handle it? Thanks for your input.
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Maybe it was TCI and someone misunderstood at some point?
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A T-400, even moderately built with a few upgraded parts can withstand tons of power in a heavy ride.

I'm pushing 1600 crank HP through mine (detuned) right now at 3250 + me.

A typical high performance trans is going to run anywhere from 1200 to 1600...

I just spent 800 on mine getting it freshened up last year.

It would be a good idea to get a T-brake for street or race, simply due to elimination the possibility of it going into reverse with using the t-brake solenoid.
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I have a JW Performance TH400 I am very happy with. I had them install their Ultra Bell to free up some space from the shield. They are good people to deal with.
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support your local guys too, what i mean is talk to the guys who are running at the track as to who are good trans guys...mine treats me well and i bring him business
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