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Default Pricing!!!!

I have read a lot about people wondering why thier items are not selling.

Looking at what the other guy is asking and thne pricing according to that is the problem.

What you want to look at is what the cars and trailers or whatever is actually selling for.

Anyone can ask anything..... that is not what determines the market. All these out of line asking prices is why you see the same cars for sale for so long. Also why everybody wants to trade. If you want to sell you must find what the market is willing to bear.

With no malice just fact.
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I could really elaborate on this response, but for the sake of time I hope I have narrowed it down and kept it simple. Feel free to critique my thoughts, Its just an opinion.

I look at selling on RJ or any other internet site with an open opinion. They are basically two types of sellers

The seller, that has to unload his car or parts because times happen to be hard for that moment. Usually the first guy that shows up with cash gets the goods. This type of seller usually regrets selling their items after the sale. But you gotta do, What you gotta do......

The other type of seller is known as patient seller. This is someone who has collected unique parts, a vast amount of parts over the years or is a distributor who, when a person has determined that they have committed to purchase an item, they will shop for pricing & pay the most competitive price found. They will pay the amount listed including shipping charges. The seller will not consider an offered for their offer below the listed price and will not settle for any amount less.

There are two types of buyers out there as well, The person looking for the low ball deal and then there’s the average buyer.

The low-baller doesn't do much repeat business, but is sometimes successful in purchasing parts at pennies on the dollar, but when he list the item(s) for sale he expects to get top dollar.

The average buyer, is always looking for the great deal of the century, but understands that those types of deals are few and far between, He is fair to those he deals with and respects the same in return.

Bottom line is, the worth of an item is what someone is willing to pay for it and what the buyer is willing to sell it for.
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I pretty much agree, but would add 2 sellers. Somebody that's upgrading. Someone selling so he can afford to build something different. A lot of guys can't afford to keep one car / truck / motor/ etc and build a 2nd one. Much of the time you have to catch this seller at the right time of his new rebuild.

Then their is the ultimate terrible reason seller. MY WIFE IS MAKING ME SELL IT! Poor fellow!! Sometimes it's priced way to high so it want sell and then theie is the really low price sale because he knows he has to sell quick or the wife will ..... :shock: :shock:

About 15 years ago I missed buying a 1 year old Jaguar cheap. Doctor's wife put it in the paper for $1,500. We though it was a misprint until we found out she caught him with his girlfriend it the car. Took everything he had; cars, boat and small plane and sold 'em really cheap.
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I try to move a dragster every 2 years and build new. I put it up for sale the minute it hits the shop. My price is always high to start and comparable to manufacturer price. When I am really ready to sell, the price drops or if someone makes a reasonable offer, it is gone.
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Default Ashbros Response

I totally agree with you because I have been both of the persons you described down to a "T"-Keep trucking BROS-- 8) 8)
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I was wanting to try something different so I put my car up for trade. I don't really want to sell it because I looked around at what I liked and they are asking so much for theirs I would have to ask $20,000 for mine rolling and it is nowhere near worth that much.
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I put items in higher at what they will sell for. There are two reasons.

First, I know someone is going to try and talk me down. In starting higher to begin with, I end up with something reasonable for me

Second- There is a psychological effect about things listed too cheap. When an item seems much cheaper than it should be, the majority of people tend to pass it over thinking something is wrong.
People also have a tendency to believe that the more expensive something is, the better the quality- although not true

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