Need help with a motor!!!

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Default Need help with a motor!!!

Where can i find a motor for a super stock race car. i am talking about the dirt super stocks that wissota races. i need a motor and tranny but cant find a legal one.
any help would be wonderful! thanks
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try lotsa stuff on there for circle trackers.
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What are the rules for the engine?
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No high-performance parts. Crankshaft and connecting rods must be O.E.M. to block
with no lightening, grinding, knife edging or polishing of any type. No marine parts.
Absolutely no strokers. Balancing is allowed. No after-market rods or crankshaft.
Wrist pins may float.
C. Maximum overbore – 360 Chrysler will be 0.40. Ford, Chevrolet, and 340 Chrysler will
be 0.60.
D. Stock cast iron 2 or 4 barrel intake manifolds only. No after market, marine or propane
intake manifolds. No fuel injected intake manifolds. Absolutely no reworked intake
manifolds including No coating,painting,grinding, port matching, polishing or acid porting
work on the inside of the intake manifold. A maximum of 2 external cooling lines from the
back of the intake manifold running along the top side of the valve covers and entering
the thermostat housing or spacer is allowed. Cooling lines can not go to the water pump,
side of the block or any other part of the assembly.
E. No aluminum heads, intake manifolds or blocks allowed. No Bowtie or SVO blocks,
cylinder heads or intake manifolds allowed. No oather after market blocks. Heads or
intake manifolds allowed unless allowed by a specific rule oulined in this rule book.
Grinding in the lifter gallery is allowed. No splayed main caps or after market main caps
F. Maximum cubic inch – Chevrolet 360.4 c.i.d, Ford 362 c.i.d. and 360 Chrysler engine
will be permitted a maximum displacement of 367 c.i.d. Any flat-top pistons allowed.
Stock bore and stroke. Rods must match block. Chevy rod length 5.7, Ford Cleveland
rod length 5.78, Ford Windsor rod length 5.965, Chrysler 318-340 and 360 must use
6.123 length rods. GM (OEM) powered metal rods allowed, must be 5.7 in length. NO
dome pistons. Stock block may be decked. Pistons may not protrude out of block on
top dead center. Must be even or below block on ALL MAKES.
G. G.M. may use any production head with a maximum intake valve diameter of 1.94;
maximum exhaust valve diameter will be 1.60. No angle-plus heads allowed on Chevy.
The only aftermarket heads allowed on G.M. are the World Products S/R, no.s 4351,
4361; 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust, and the Dart SS#10024361 with 1.94 intake and
1.50 exhaust. No "bowtie" or Vortex heads allowed. Vortex cast no. 10239906. Other
casting numbers not allowed are 14011083 and 14096217, 10239906, 1012532,
10208890 and 12554290. No magnum head. Chrysler may use a 340 head on a 360
block. No W-2 heads allowed on Chrysler. For Ford, Windsor heads must match a
Windsor block and Cleveland heads must match the Cleveland block. The only GT40
head castings allowed are FIZEAA and F3ZEAA. No A.R.D. heads allowed.
The only aftermarket head allowed for Ford is the Dart Windsor Jr., part no. 5303, with
1.94 intake and 1.60 exhaust [casting no. 1-056]. Screw-in studs allowed. Pinning studs
allowed. No roller-type or roller-tip rockers allowed. O.E.M.-type stamped steel rockers
only. No roller cam. No modifications of any kind allowed on rockers except oil hole may
be deburred. Guide plates allowed. No stud girdles allowed. Lifter valley pan and rocker
poly locks allowed. Stock diameter valve springs only. All other makes of engines must be
WISSOTA-approved before they are allowed to race. No beehive/conical valve springs
H. Any flat tappet cam allowed. No mushroom cam or lifters allowed. Lifter bores may be
bushed. Lifter size must match block bead used. Lifters must be steel or iron and must
be free to rotate.
I. No grinding or polishing of any kind allowed on heads and intake manifolds. Valve
seats may be ground no further than 1/4-inch below top of seat. Head may be milled.
Push rod holes may be drilled larger.
J. Any fan, water pump, or oil pump allowed; any type pulley allowed.
K. No dry sumps allowed. No gear drives allowed.
L. Any radiator allowed; must remain in approximate stock location.
M. Headers allowed. No weed burners. No exhaust in driver's compartment.
SUPPRESSION RULE. [NO 180-degree headers allowed.]
N. Stock type distributors only. GM, HEI distributor can be interchanged with Ford and
Mopar engines. Coil location must match distributor being used. No multiple spark boxes
allowed. No magnetos allowed. No crank trigger ignition.
O. No after-market harmonic balancers allowed. O.E.M. stock balancers only. Balancer may
be degreed but must meet size requirements below. No modifications of any kind
allowed. No 283, 307 or 327 balancers allowed on any engine other than a 283, 307 or a
small journal 327. Minimum size 283-307 and small journal 327 is 6-1/8 by 3/4 inch
thick. 305-350 and large journal 327 minimum size is 6-3/4 by 1-3/16 inches thick.
No fluid balancers. No hubs only - balancer must be two piece.
P. No titanium parts of any kind allowed.
Q. Minimum 3/4-inch inspection hole in side of oil pan 2-1/2 inches down from pan rail in
line with a journal. Inspection hole must be easily accessible to inspector.
R. Valve timing configuration and firing order must match engine used.
Example: Chevy 18436572.
S. No vacuum pump/air pump allowed.
T. Floating wrist pins are allowed.
U. No bee hive-conical type valve springs allowed.
V. No external oil pumps of any kind allowed.
W. Main girdle not allowed. Crank scraper not allowed.
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use the mopar 340,maximum bore allowed,ya dont mention valve diameters,get a set of x or j heads with the 2.02 1.60s,mopar also has the best rod ratio of them all....
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