Quite Possibly The Biggest FAIL EVER

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Default Quite Possibly The Biggest FAIL EVER

This HAS to be fake...Nobody is that stupid.Especially since another member brought up the mistake so soon in the thread.

Some of you might have seen this already...It was posted about on Yellowbullet back when it happened, I just saw it the other day. It is way too long a thread to read the whole thing...I read a lot of it...it was 129 pages last I looked. So many people were joining the forum just to make fun of this guy ,at one point they crashed the server... :lol:

P.S. It says in the thread that the guy's avatar and sig were done by a moderator after the thread got rolling.

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I call B/S on that one too, I think the mods were messing with everybodies head.

I have to admit it was funny though.

I read quite a bit, helped me kill about 30 minutes here at work :shock:

It must be a uncencored forum - them guys cuss like sailors.

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