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Default dragster help

I am new to dragsters coming over from fast 10.5 car. Bought a hardtail racetech with 489 Chevy on alcohol (1050 rupert) mechanical fuel pump. Merlin steel heads. Eagle pistons, H beam rods, 4.25 crank Hossier 33.5/17/16 tires. 4.56 gear. 70 runs on tires. NGK plugs gapped at .035. I am struggling with consistency.

I am leaving at 4200 ( air shifting at 6800. Tires at 5.5psi and engine around 160 everytime. In good air running 5.05-5.08 ( 1500 ft low humidity), bad air fell off to 5.17 ( 70 % humidity and 3600ft) Mph 134.5-135.2. Short times vary from 1.12-1.16.

Am i expecting too much to be more consistent than .03-.07 each run. Previous owner ran car in the 5.03-5.05 range everytime! Only differnece is he weighs 25 lbs less.

Anyone have any suggestions for me? Timing recommendations? launch RPM recommendations, tire pressure recommendations? I have not ever started messing with the delay box yet. Any help greatly apprieciated.

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Timing should be 35-36 but how old are the tires ?

I assume your saying that it is moving around in the 1.12 to 1.16 in the same day its usually tire or converter. Launch less may help 4200-4400
I also assume you are stagging at 160 degrees ?
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Default hope it helps

hey i run a american dragster it has a 565 with 34.5x17x16 hoosier.i leave at 4000 and shift on time at 2.000 out.time is better!it runs 4.90s at 139 mph.tire pis is at 6.timeing is set on 34.it sound like you have a good car.

air your tires up to 6 psi and lower your leave chip and shift on time and it will be deadly!
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how is your reaction times .your staging will change your et. maybe you need a few more passes in the dragster. maybe not but when i moved from a door car to a dragster the staging was alot diff in the dragster. and my reaction times would be all over the place for a while.
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