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Default budget drag car

I'd like some advise. Thanks in advance for any help. My son bought a 73 nova for 800 bucks and wants to go drag racing. It has an aftermarket cam, intake manafold, carb, forged pistons, and headers, on a 307ci motor, I'm guessing it has maybe 250hp and he plans to add a 100hp shot of nitrous to it, with hopes of getting the car into the 12's. The motor peak touque is at 4000, peak hp at 5000 rpm. Does it need a converter that stalls near peak touque, or is that too loose? Any other ideas that dont cost much? I'm hoping that someone here has had some experience with a mild car like this. Thanks.
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Just my opinion i have found for a low hp engine, a TCI street fighter convertor works good.


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I highly recommend he learns HOW to drag race BEFORE adding squeeze. It's not all about 'going fast' but more about consistency, and consistency requires LOTS of seat time one quarter mile at a time. That seat time will teach how to set up the car(suspension - engine tune - safety systems), how to maintain the car for that type of abuse( it IS abuse cuz stuff will be breakin' !), and teach driver reaction and most important of all, SAFETY !

Remember, the ONLY stupid questions are the unasked ones.
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after he gets the feel for car and gets seat time and consistant you may want to build bigger better motor from everything ive ever known about 307s is no matter how much money you throw at it at the end of the day its still a boat ancore you add 100 shot and itll be a somer engine ( some parts here somer there ) but thats my opinion
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hey, thanks for the input.
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A stock OEM converteor will probably work fine with the engine you described, if you want for $hits and giggles you could go up to a B/M holeshot 3000 or 3500rpm unit.

I also agree with earlier replies.

You need to get him some seat time, go to a coulple test and tune sessions and then go racing.

Guys at the track just love lining up to newbie(s).

Hate to see him get his butt whooped first few times out and lose interest.

Get the tree down pact, depending on how he reacts to the tree, he may need to deep stage (top light off)
Either way you look at it, it doesn't matter how fast the car is but how consistent he is on the tree and how consistent the car is.

Heres some consistency tips, for a gas burner.

A well tuned engine and a carb that isnt too rich, a shift light or shift light tach, line lock (burn outs) and slicks, are a must.

Leave on the last yellow bulb and pedal it if your ahead at the last stripe.

And always remember to be safe and have fun.

Goodluck, Cp
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I back all the comments left already. The desire to go fast is what hurts too many individuals entering into competition. Leave the combo as is for now.
Seat time is the key. Work to get the car and driver being one unit. Ignore the other lane for now, let him hone his skill to run his own race. The win lights will come in time.

Good luck, Dave
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