Window Net Installation.....

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Default Window Net Installation.....

Seems like this ought to be fairly straight forward....but wanted to check with the guys that have done this to make sure I'm on track with my thinking.

Looking at the various window nets and install kits thru Jegs/Summit etc. The components that weld to the top bar is easy to understand. But what I'm having some concern over is figuring out how to mount to the lower (angled) bar.....I'm sure that I can assume that the lower mounting points of the window net will not line up exactly to the lower I've seen examples of using a length of cable that attaches to a mount point on the bar which allows for some flexability in length to mount to the window net. Does that sound right to you?? Complicating this whole issue is that I have a swing out bar to make entry a bit more easy.

Thoughts & suggestions?


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Default window net

I used a piece of seat belt and 2 bolts but cable would work too. I drilled a hole in the bottom diaognal bar and insalled a bolt thru it and the seat belt piece I used.I have not seen any clear cut way of a bottom bracket on a window net
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However you do it , you are going to want to make sure that the bottom mount comes off of your door bar easy other wise you wont be able to use your swing-out bars. I used a rod similar to the one on top and use a hairpin clip to hold it to a small piece of tubing welded on the door bar. It is kinda like a slip fit and then the pin holds the two together.
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Default window net mount on swing out bar

another option is to mount the lower net portion solid to the swing out bar, then weld a tab with a hole the diameter of the rod on the main hoop at the top at the rear of the net, then weld the seat belt release clip at the front of the top bar area. then when the door bar is closed, the net is secured at the bottem then insert the rear in the tab and clip the top in the front and you're good to go. when you're done with the run, unclip and open the door ,the net is attached to the swing out bar.
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