Converter stall on a turbocharged application

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Default Converter stall on a turbocharged application

When selecting the stall speed, would it be best to have it right as the engine would come into boost, before, or well after it would be in boost? This is on a turbo 4 so it will not have alot of torque off-boost. Thanks guys.
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what is the car going to be used for? for all out performance like drag race...i'd say higher stall so you can be building boost before launch. if you going road race....i'd say closer to right at where you start to make boost so you can control the car better in turns but still have the boost/stall right there for when you roll back into the throttle with no lag.

i'm not up on turbo stuff really at all but thats what makes sense to me
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need more info how much boost 1
2 what size motor
3 any electroics
bad speller
you want to make the turbo spool like 5 to 10# of boost while
you are at the line so you can leave under boost an also load the car up
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