Overheated engine , possible loss of piston ring tension ?

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Default Overheated engine , possible loss of piston ring tension ?

I overheated my 1970 318 and think I may have a few cylinders that dont have compression due to loss of ring tension. What are all of the tests I could do to determine this or what other problem I may have.
I was told there is a possibility if it is a ring tension problem there may be a way to cheat-fix it...running it on transmission or other type of oils to free up the rings? :?: :?
All help greatly appreciated...Thanks Tommy
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Ok, this might be a dumb question but why do you think you have messed up the rings? Is it missing really bad? Smoking badly? It might just be a blown head gasket which would make it miss and produce thick white smoke I.E> water in combustion chamber.

Iron headed motors are pretty forgiving when it comes to over-heating, rarely can you get one hot enough to seize rings on the lands, but popping a head gasket is fairly common place. If you have messed up the rings which I doubt then you'll be tearing it down for a rebuild, there is no magic cure.
Remove all 8 spark plugs and do a compression check and if you have any that are low, squirt some oil in them(about 4 good squirts from a oiling can) and if they come up after putting oil in there then its a ring problem.
I'd also do a cooling system pressure check.
Keep us updated.
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Default Rings

I agree, older engines were especially forgiving. A leakdown check would be he easiest and fastest way to check it out.
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Had an all iron 460 in my '61 Merc. My first road trip brought to my attention a severe cooling issue. Actually seized it up overheating it, let it cool down a couple of hours, fired it up and I ran that engine hard for 19 years more with zero probs.
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