BarryO attacks 2nd ammendment....

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Default BarryO attacks 2nd ammendment....
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dammit leave my arms alone!
go after the idiots behind them that cause all the crime.
time for a revolution!
to put in a govt by the people for the people.
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day after day it seems barry o & nani p are moving this country to a communist state, I hope by the time of mid term elections there is a country left to save. we need to get the house & senate back to clip barry o,s wings . god save the USA!!!
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Barry's approval ratings are comming down... as they should be. I think we should impeach him before mid-term.

Our Government is too big!!!! what is this crap about putting caps on peoples income???? It socialized!!! here in the USA you can decide to have the sky be the limit.... barry & congress is trying to change that!!! Did you hear about the B-Ball coach that was interveiwed on ABC???? they asked him if he was willing to recieve a pay cut... beacuse he made to much money!!! He brings MILLIONS of dollars to that college... after he has somewhere near 800 wins in his career.... maybe ABC should do a little MATH before they do a STUPID interveiw like that again.... man, that just bugs the hell out of me.

The sceond ammendment is being comprimised... inch by inch. They will have to pry my guns from my cold, dead hands on a cold day in hell.
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