What got ya Hooked on Fast cars ?

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Default What got ya Hooked on Fast cars ?

it don't matter what kind of racing you do..speed/power hooked you at some point in your life.

Mine was in 1975,had a cousin by marriage that had a 69 Red camaro white stripes and White interior, 427ci with aluminum heads and chrome side pipes...Original Crager mags with Super Stock tires ( anyone remember them ?)

Will never forget..he had the Rolling stones blaring on the 8 track....took me on a stretch of road and let that Bad boy EAT...I was hooked ever since...Across the back spoiler he had "STREET CLEANER" airbrushed..

He was king of the street back then..took all of them out..large crowds would gather late at Night ( early am) and get it done.. ....I do not condone street racing today but thats just the way it was back in the 70's when i was exposed...

it grabbed me and never let Go.....

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Mine was a neighbor who was the local hot rod guru when I was just a kid. This was in the mid to late 70's. There was always a 70 Chevelle, or a 68 Camaro being tested out, along with the big block Vega, (in 73) and a very nice 1967 L88 427 'vette that belonged to a friend of his, but stayed at his shop. Whenever I heard one fire up, I went to the front yard, because the testing was about to begin...
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Default my dad

My Dad , our family has been racing since prior to my birth and I am 39 years old . dad raced with grumpy jenkins , sox & martin and all the old timers back in the day . He always said if we race together we stay together . He was right , we are still together , we just are neighbors now . he also said if he could get me hooked on racing I wouldn't be hooked on anything else .he was right about that too , I dont drink , smoke or do drugs and I owe it all to my dad . Of course i will admit that I do not think anybody could afford to race and do drugs , lol . I love you Dad , thanks !!!!!
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i was 10 and my neighbor raced in round track and his crew would
come to work on the car for the wk end and one guy had a 65 falcon
with twin carbs that stuck out of the hood and that car would move,
you could hear him coming down the street, got me hooked :wink:
oh and the guys name was "gordo" (fatman) :wink:
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Had to think on that one for a bit. When I was around 10 or so, my sister's boyfriend had a 67 Camaro. He was just a good ol Texas farm boy, but the scream of that little 327 at full tilt, flying down a dirt road, through cattle guards at insane speeds, still sticks in my mind.......been hooked since
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Good topic.

Born with loving cars since I can remember... i remember watching Richard Petty racing at Laguna Seca in the 70's when I was just 5-6 years old. It is something that draws you & never goes away... It is funny how non-car people look at us sometimes & wonder why we do what we do!! Scoot
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1967 hanover park il, church st.i was riding my bike(THE KIND WITH PEDALS)a 57 chevy silver with things sticking out of the hood and a facon were starting to line up about the time i pedaled up the screaming engines and tire smoke then that damn falcon went skyward and i remember standing there with my chin on the ground thinking "i didnt know cars could fly" then that 57 went by me and i could feel something inside of me that i have never felt before nor since and i been chasing that feeling the rest of my life. ive come close to finding that feeling a few times after i was old enough to get into hotrods.drugs drinking, nothing even come close!
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When i was growing up everything around me seem fast. It started off on a bike with the wind in my face till mini bikes came along and we took the goveners off or jammed them in and raced each other. Then one day my dad took me to see his friend that had a 67 corvette. It was a 427 425 H.P. with what ever was done to it at the time with a 4 speed. He took me out on a concrete highway and let it loose and pinned me in the seat till it was over. My dad was laughing thinking it would scare me but it did just the opposite. I think i was 11 or 12. Ever since those days it's like a natural high
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I would say my uncles got me hooked on cars. It seems like they always had something that got my interest. But the one that really sticks in my mind is the ride in my uncles '68 or'69 vette 427 tri power " i can remember the triangle shaped air cleaner" i remember being pinned back in the seat where all i could do is watch out the side window and watch the trees go by as i was about 7 or 8 then. Been hooked ever since.
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When I was 12 or 13 I used to watch the street drags from my upstairs bedroom window. We lived 3 miles out of town about an 1/8 mile down a side road off the highway. The cars would turn down my road and turn around in my driveway. They would line up going back toward town. The top dog was a neighbor of mine with a 34 Ford coupe with an engine from a Lincoln. He had it built and had a good setup on the chassis. None of the muscle cars could touch the coupe. Later he built a 64 Chevelle 427 and was still top dog. To give you a time frame, I'll be 57 years old this May.
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